What is a Gay Otter? Explained!

Overhead in the Box Menswear offices today circled around exactly what is and isn't a Gay Otter. 

Man lifting his shirt showing belly hair

Offfft look at that snail trail of belly hair. 

Before you check wikipedia, this doesn't concern a cute semi-aquatic weasel type animal with webbed feet and thick fur, although, fur of sorts does play a part..... keep reading. 

Hairy Body

No, the converse was about the term often used to describe a male who has a hairy body, often very hairy, including but not limited to their beard, chest, arms, back, arms and legs. 

Perhaps the best definition comes from the Urban Dictionary which states: 

"A gay man who is very hairy all over his body, but is smaller in frame and weighs considerably less than a bear."


There's one problem with the above definition, can you see it? Well, appearing as an otter isn't sexuality specific. We're sure there's plenty of you who have straight mates who are otter-like in their appearance. 

Right so this is a stereotype? 

As with any catch-all term, describing someone as an otter is a stereotype, it's not wrong to use the term, but it does generalise. That said.....


Pictures of gay otters

Here's a picture taken from a Tweet of user @city_otter which is a fairly specific username :)


As you can see, the picture features a man with a slim body and a fair amount of body hair. 


More? Ok, here's some more we've found online. 

Handsome otter like male

The above image of an unknown guy flexing his bicep while showing his furry / hairy body looking to the camera lens. 


Below are several photos from a well known gay otter Eliad Cohen, but is Eliad Cohen an otter? Keep reading we'll discuss this. 




View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Eliad Cohen (@eliad_cohen) on

Picture above shows all round hottie and Papa Tour supremo Eliad Cohen. Here he hangs from a basketball hoop, showing his hard body, big biceps and otter fur. In this image Eliad's body and facial hair is trimmed, which is totally permissible for an otter. 



In this second image of Eliad, showing his whole near nude body, you can see his twisting and curling body hair wrapping around his swimming trunks. You can see the Jewish socialites hair goes all the way from his legs in an almost continual spread to his face broken only by his sharp neck line crafted in by a skilled barber. 


When Gay Otters Shave

Ok, just because men are genetically hairy, it doesn't mean they have to keep it. Eliad has now and then been a bit free and easy with the hair removal cream, look below.



Here the well known Isreali has either shaved or used hair removal cream from his pubes up showing a smooth chest and cheeky grin. 


Lastly from Eliad Cohen:

Eliad Cohen Shaving Body Hair

Eliad in the picture above showing his abs, wide and smooth back and holding a body hair trimmer (probably used on that wide back), which he says he uses to keep his hairy body neat and tidy. 


Celebrity Hair.

It would be unwise to mention Cohen without making reference to former England Rugby player Ben Cohen. 


Here's Ben on Instagram give us a perfect smile with his clothes on (boo!) but showing off a glimpse of his hairy body below (yay!). 

The former Sale Sharks (that's a Rugby team if you're unsure) is a big time supporter / ally of the gay community as can be seen above. Ben Cohen also featured on the cover of gay magazine Attitude in 2013 wearing a pair of Y-Front boxer briefs. 

Ben Cohen wearing blue suit with partner Kristian

Dressed in a royal blue suit, with grey jacket Ben Cohen gives a winning smile with his partner Kristina Rhianoff by his side. The former Rugby professional who has an MBE from the Queen shows off his perfectly shaped beard and has his shift buttons undone, giving a glimpse of his thick chest hair. 

Are there any gay porn otters? 

Erm, yes of course there are. One that springs to mind is Pablo Hernandez. Whilst not strictly a porn star (he does have an onlyfans) he's also well known for being an underwear model. Have a look below:

Gay Otter Pablo Hernandez showing his body hair in underwear

You can see the similarities in body hair to Eliad Cohen. Pablo showing his big chest as well as his arms and all over body hair. 

If you want to see more of Pablo you should have a look at his Twitter. Not only does he post underwear selfies but there's some nude and naked videos showing his dick too, uncensored. 


Difference between Otter, Cub & Bear?

Really we should have said differences between the three, but, to explain is simply and excuse all of the pigeon holing here, typically gay otters are more slender or slimmer than both a gay cub and a gay bear. 

The 'middle ground' between a gay bear, which is a slang term also reffing to a hairy gay guy and an otter is often called a cub (makes sense right? Bear / Cub). 



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