What is Gay Pup Play? Explained with Zander Woods.

For some it's a sexual kink, for others it's a complete lifestyle, but just what is gay puppy play / culture all about? We chat with social media doggy supremo Zander Woods to help us explain things. Let's see if he was a good boy. 

Wondering what being a pup is all about? Well we wanted to know all the details, so who else but social media doggy supremo Zander Woods to tell us all.

So what exactly is involved in being a pup?

Zander explained that anyone can be a pup, if you feel you have a connection to a specific animal. It is a way to utilise those feelings and have a type of extension of your own persona. 

He added that its a community, and you make some real connections to other pups and packs that you meet so you make some friends along the way, we love that its a welcoming communicate, for you to join if you're intrigued but also not be alone if you're feeling a little nervous to get started. 

We jumped on a video call with the doggy star whilst he was at home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the low down on the fetish. He chatted to us wearing our Classic White Briefs.

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Zander Woodz Puppy play


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Why not watch the full interview below for even more details on this doggy fetish >>

Full Interview Video: 

Full interview Transcript below;


Interviewer: There we go. All right, so Zander Hello, I'm Sam Dowler from Box Menswear. And thank you so much for talking with us.


Interviewee: Excited to get to talk to you.


Interviewer: And you've got our pants on, which is good to see. [Laughs] So yeah, so I'm excited to know all about what's- Well, what we're here to discuss. So, I've looked on your Instagram, obviously, and it is you in your pup mask for the whole thing. So, explain to me a bit about it.



Interviewee: Well, what I'm doing specifically is just like, I'm really involved with a kind of a fetish. Well it is a fetish, its puppy play.

Yeah, and I've been more so just getting really into it this past year. I've been doing this for about ah well I just hit my puppy birthday, and that's a thing. I’ve been doing it for about a year, So it's like I turned one. So that's a little, a little benchmark for Zander's. 


Interviewer: Good boy.


Interviewee: So, yes, I started my I started my, I guess I was born the very first day I posted on Instagram, and it's a kind of an experiment, I've just been kind of just, like, as far as that goes, I just, it's just more so like a self-discovery of like, what I'm into, figuring out myself, like my sexuality. And also, it has been a huge motivator for like, staying fit and all that type of stuff. You know, just trying to be a good boy and showing up at the gym. Yeah, and this is basically just, this is roleplay you're pretty much channeling your, your inner animal. I’d like say that's maybe your spirit animal that kind of helps you with the headspace aspect of it. So, if you feel like you really feel you have a connection to a specific animal, it's pretty nice to like, utilize that and have it as like a maybe an extension of you like a persona, whatever. So, but I always felt connected to like wolves and dogs because I've always felt like got along with them. And also, have just like, I just feel like I'm like animalistic tendencies of just like, just like the playfulness of a dog. And also, just like I've seen, this has been around for so many years. And I just I just found it very fascinating so I kind of jumped to two feet in it and kind of just first started off just posting a lot of photos or just me in in puppy gear because like honestly, like it was just one of the things I kept on looking at like, go when I go on my like porn hub or anything like that, I'll just always feel like I'll get to the point where I'm like, okay, I'm going to go to the fetish section I'm going to go to on a really want it's more of like a more like puppy stuff because there's something about the, the mask and like the playfulness of the dog and also like maybe like the submissive side and also can be the dominant side of it. There's something like the beast aspect of it's very attractive to me. And that was how it started off in the very beginning. But like over time and I got to meet like pups in real life, puppy play could be definitely for sexual purposes, yes. But it can also be a little bit more for like you know, beyond that a little bit more channeling that headspace out of that place sphere, but bring it into your life, almost everyday life. And that's where you get like, you know, you could have packs and stuff like dog packs and you could have like many other pups that are like within each other. And yeah, so you'd have almost a bit more of a community on there. I noticed a lot of that especially on Instagram as a huge community of pubs out there just kind of looking out for each other and just like you know, they have a lot of like annual different types of events of gatherings for puppies and stuff and just to like get more into that type of sphere. 

So, it's definitely a spectrum of like people how they treat puppy play they do just for sexual reasons or do it more for the headspace some more of the what they get out of it mentally than anything else. And for me, I get I get a little bit of both and I'm definitely kind of go both ways of the spectrum of what kind of a dog I am. At the end of the day, I just really just like the visuals of like, the dog hoods with like, men. Puppy play is not just for like, gay men, it could be for straight men as well. And it can also just not just be limited to males, it's for everybody. It could be for you know, all walks of life. So, it's definitely a really fun creative way of exploring yourself sexually and spiritually as well.



Interviewer: Well, that is the animal vibe, sort of like spiritually, etc. Like, have you read “His Dark Materials” by Philip Pullman. It's like, it's where they have, where every human has like an animal demon. That's like their soul. 


Interviewee: Yeah.


Interviewer: And obviously, a lot of people have dogs, etc. So, it's like, the Native American thing about you know, like, your spirit and more, like you said, but it's obviously like humans are very connected with animals, and especially humans with dogs because obviously, we're very doggy people. I'm a dog person myself. Yeah, I've always had dogs. I have a German Shepherd now. And, like, so my question to you is so you said, it’s only been a year so that's not necessarily a long time and also, it's quite like that was during the pandemic, I'm assuming. You were going on Pornhub and looking at pups up before that yeah, you just thought I'm gonna jump in.



Interviewee: Well, like I honestly like really want to like I was with a partner at the time and I really wanted to spice things up in the bedroom. Like that. So, this is like when I really wanted to dive into my fetishes that I've that I've had and they're like not really that strong ones. Over time I've ever since I started puppy play, I definitely have been exposed to a lot more and have been more open to trying new things and actually liking some of it too- actually a lot of it.



Interviewer: You mean sexually?



Interviewee: Yeah, so I first started off with like, one of my favorite ones is Spider Man porn, which is like I don't know who doesn't want to see you know, Peter Parker you know rails... but anyways, so that's that started off. We also tried Power Rangers is like different types of more serious kinds of stuff.


Interviewer: Cosplay.


Interviewee: It is something I've always wanted to try and it was it was puppy play I thought it was you know, you don't even need to have any full suit on it was just it's just the hood like there's something about it and it's just like it puts you in- I love when pups are really in their headspace of like okay, now there are a human dog. No longer talking anymore they're just responding in that way. I just think find that just like it's just different and it just hits a certain way. So, I mean I've had my first session with like with my partner right at the time with the puppy hoods and like just like that everything was better. To say that the sex was a lot better and I think it's just because like I don't know it's just a removed me from like, like how many other experiences have, I felt like it's like really just like let go and is really just like and I felt more natural doing that than just like the regular stuff. I don't know, it just does things for me. I think it does some things for other people as well.



Interviewer: Yeah, like you said it is a fetish it's like people you know in like a full GIMP mask that's what they love about it. They love you know the value, can't see them at all etc. So, the other thing is obviously going back to like the whole dog thing. Obviously as humans we love our dogs. Is there like they're kind of because like cuteness sort of kindness sort of like you know that you love.


Interviewee: Yeah.


Interviewer: Because it's not just about because obviously like S&M for example is a lot of hitting and shit like that. 


Interviewee: Yeah.


Interviewer: Is there a lot of that? Or is it just like you know, is it like you would be with a real dog?



Interviewee: it could definitely be that, it all depends on what environment you're in like I've definitely been in more in that sphere yes that does exist that it. We definitely just have fun. we don't necessarily have to be like all decked out in leather and look very like bondage bondage, you definitely can but like, I think we're at a point right now that like more people that are getting into this fetish I've been noticing since I've been starting the amount of people that have been so curious about this. But it feels like for me, like the biggest thing for me is like, I like bridging the gap between like, the very like BDSM, very, very nichey not an issue but like it's very what we know of like, like, puppy plays is like very, very fetishy very kinky. But like, I love the idea of like bridging the gap for that to like, you know, like I feel like who doesn't like for example like furries do really well like they're really are trying to like but yeah, they definitely have their one side of like it being like, not safe for work but...


Interviewer: Did you say furries?


Interviewee: What?


Interviewer: You say furries? 


Interviewee: Yes, furries.


Interviewer: That's the suits, isn’t it?


Interviewee: Yes, that’s the suit. But like they also were playful with it. I love the aspect of adding that to like puppy play. It's definitely still like I know, it's hard because like furries tend to be a little bit more on the family friendly side, or that's what they're definitely trying to go for. Puppies should not necessarily be in that sphere. At least I don't think the world's ready for it to be in that sphere. Because just puppies show a little bit more skin than furries. Furries are for show; that's all they do. Yeah, I mean, like for us, like sometimes you just, you know, you just wonder about wearing a jockstrap and our asses are out. [Laughs] And sometimes you want to wear a tail. And sometimes they're not just a show tail, there might be the ones that you actually put in you. 


Interviewer: They're like a butt plug with a tail on them. 


Interviewee: Yeah, yeah, exactly butt plug.


Interviewer: Have you done that before?


Interviewee: That was actually one of my good friends, like suggested, like, if you're getting into puppy play is to get that first. And then that's kind of a good start. But some for some people that could be a little too intense, a little bit is to have maybe too much, maybe they just want something else. I started off with just a hood. And that got me into it really easily. It depends on how you want to go about it. 



Interviewer: Okay. It only is like you said, it's like a sex thing. So, it's basically like, my experiences of with is, like somebody I know, was with a puppy quite a while ago, like a decade maybe. And there was an owner. So, you have an owner.



Interviewee: I don't, I don't have an owner. You can be really strict. Or you could be not as strict and I have my collar over here, but I call it myself. And it depends on how you want to go about you. If you really want to have an alpha, do you really want to have a handler/owner.



Interviewer: Handler that is somebody that would have to give you permission if you want to do stuff with other people?



Interviewee: Yeah, yeah, definitely. It's honestly really intimate. And also it, there's something about like, okay, that person is filling that role as a handler or an owner and in your relationship as being their good boy, their dog, it's that there's an exchange between the both and a lot of a lot of things you get out of just that that communication and like following through. It all comes down to finding the right person to do you know to trust. You definitely go that route. Again, you could get as strict in puppy play, or as least as you want to.


Interviewer: There's no particular rules. 


Interviewee: No there are fundamental ones. But like, I know, I kind of tend to break some of the rules, mainly just for it to be more accessible or to make it more approachable. Let's say, for example, like colors, like, you know, like, you have your bandana colors, but there's those signify what you're into and stuff.



Interviewer: That’s the thing that goes on with puppy stuff, does it?



Interviewee: Yeah, yeah. So, you have people that do like white hoods or prominently white hoods or prominently blue hoods, like a lot of blue ones. That's most. If I were to go back. I like white color, but like going back like it would have been like more of a neutral going with a blue because I think that just stands for masturbation or something like that. Or red. I didn't know until like, I kind of love red which is my birth color. I think it's something that I always really enjoyed. And then I will get messages like this earlier on here and there just like really specifically on this one thing. I'm like, “Why is everyone sending me like questions about fisting and want me to like sending me videos of them getting fisted? And I realized like, “Oh, it's... [inaudible] and it's actually funny because like, I didn't know anything about it. I didn't look that up prior to it. Like I wasn't necessarily like super into it at first. But like, over time, like Yeah, I definitely am not the fisty bottom But I love being the fisty top. It's definitely like it's been really it's like, it's like taking a finger into the next level. But definitely, but you know, it's definitely exploration of, you know, just do that. Um, yeah, I mean, yellow means like water sports, it's there's so many different types of meanings with it. But at the end of the day, like, I think that for newcomers, like, I want them to be fully aware of, like, try to be aware of the colors that you're repping. And like, most of the time, people are sticking really strictly to the colors like they don't take it too seriously. I think there's a percentage out is less than 50% of people that actually like, or that like, want that to be a prominent thing. It's not like, today, it's not like a necessary thing. Like it's always about consent and asking and stuff like that. And just, what are you into? Because like, sometimes you have like orange, which I believe is just like anything goes.


Interviewer: Go if you want.


Interviewee: I just want to be an orange dog. Can I just be an orange dog without wanting to be into this other thing? Like, I'm not into that? 


Interviewer: Yeah.


Interviewee: That is important too. At the end of the day, I want anybody who wants to be their inner animal and be a popstar to persona or be any type of dog they want to. I don't want to limit them. Because I like what certain things mean. I just hope that they understand that and be ready for what comes with that type of thing. Yeah, being a puppy is a very creative thing. And I don't want to limit their color palette because of those types of things. 


Interviewer: Yeah, totally. So, obviously, I'm talking to you now in your hood, like how often do you wear it? Like, I mean, obviously, you have one in all your pictures on Instagram, but then the rest of your life? What about that?



Interviewee: I wear it fairly often. I go out in public and I almost like wearing a hat. I lift it up, and I'll put up as like a hat and some cute little ear thing. The community in my area are pretty receptive to a lot of...


Interviewer: Sorry, where are you? 


Interviewee: Oh, I'm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 


Interviewer: Oh, cool. 


Interviewee: Yeah. So, it's pretty accepting of just like more centric people. And I fit into that mold. And actually, I've brighten up more a lot of this like average person’s day of just coming in with just like, with ears, and just like a little cheer and my cute little outfit, since I also include my little like, show tail with my outfit. I accessorize a little bit and make it fun. And I kind of just it is, a lot of times leaves a really good positive impression on people going into a store or just doing something fun. At this point, like only like going out, like say going out to a club or going out, like, you know, during the night or whatever, I like dressing up in pup, it's just, I just enjoy, you know, the experience a lot more. I feel a little bit more outgoing. I'm not necessarily putting up a wall as much.



Interviewer: So, it's not for like, everyday like jobs or going out to the shop or just like, you know.



Interviewee: Oh, no, I take it off or that.


Interviewer: How many occasions?


Interviewee: Yeah, exactly. Well, actually, it's one of those things where you're like, I keep the collar on the whole time. So, this is thing I'll keep on all the time, my collar, but when it comes to the hood, I wear probably like 60% of the time. And like outside of like, photo shoots and like what I do in door and stuff. I'm not shy anymore with like, being out and wearing it on my sleeve. Like I even have a dog on my sleeve. Like, it doesn't matter. 


Interviewer: Yeah, cool. So, do you do Only Fan’s stuff on the side as well?  Obviously, that was a bit of a shocker with Only Fans.


Interviewee: There are some people that definitely have been really concerned. There's a lot of my friends that’s their main source of work is doing that and like, I do it on the side. So, it's not as much of a hard thing. But I really just been having fun with it. And I've been having really great success with it too. And then like, it was really cool. It's like a lot of my friends who have been really involved with doing Only Fans content we all like reached out to each other to try to see what's the next platform. Before we could decide on one Only Fans just yeah, we lifted it off. We made a bad decision. Like, like literally like who goes on Only Fans for-


Interviewer: Anything else. 


Interviewee: Like anything else besides not safe word content.



Interviewer: It was stupid. It was basically they would be giving billions of dollars to another company.



Interviewee: Yeah, exactly. It would be pretty much they're digging their own grave by doing that.



Interviewer: Yeah, exactly. So, on the Only Fans you have like videos and stuff? Do you like group stuff? Or like just you have to do like, full on like, the whole thing?



Interviewee: Yeah, I did the whole thing.  I haven't done a group one yet. I do have like others that we do videos with. A lot of solos. Most of the time something about solos that a lot of people like but like putting in a little bit of like adding an extra partner to the video is always good to find a trickle into the mix. Mainly I just do like solos or just a lot of time I do like the photos that I put out, I'll do like different I guess tiers of what I reveal. So, like for example like a picture that I'll post today, I'll have maybe a little bit more of a sexier version. I may just put it out on Twitter, because you know, Instagram is a little. 


Interviewer: Yeah.


Interviewee: Yeah. So, but then I'll have a full nude version of that photo shoot on Only Fans. So, it's almost kind of like when you look at anime or any flank that you have, like...


Interviewer: I love anime.


Interviewee: The character has all their clothes on and then like the next slot is like less is getting off just stripping them off a little bit. So, I play at play in that kind of way. When I go in, like post my content. I think it's really fun and engaging for the fans as well.



Interviewer: No totally I mean, I just think it's just interesting with the whole Only Fans thing is because obviously, it's it has basically taken over from Studio porn, like there is-


Interviewee: Yeah.


Interviewer: Basically, I guess it's just destroyed it what you say. I mean like because you're an Only Fans creator, but you're also a pup. But would you classify yourself as a porn actor?



Interviewee: Yeah, no. It's very strange. Because like, yeah, I guess like, I am like a sex worker in a way because I am getting paid for what I do. But like, I don't necessarily see it that way. Because like, Only Fans it's really convenient because you're calling the shots yourself. You don't have an agent telling you Okay, you need to do this with this person, or is we really good. It's kind of on your own terms. Like it's very low pressure. You put out whatever you want to put out like, it's your fans, you just listen to whatever your fans want. Most of the time they want whatever you're willing to put out.


Interviewer: Yes.


Interviewee: So, like, I love the flexibility and all that type of stuff with it, instead of going through like an actual porn agency. 



Interviewer: Well, I just guess they are sort of been null and void now really, aren't they? And because everybody works for themselves it's all about- because I've interviewed other Only Fans actors it's all about your unique selling point your USP. And like for some people, it's like I'm a big straight bloke, and you're gonna watch me wank and piss. Everyone's like “Wuh”. For you it's this. So, like, obviously you got a lot of followers on Instagram. So, I mean, like, would you say you were the like poster boy for pup stuff?



Interviewee: I'm definitely helping. I don't want to take all the credit. Fundamentally, like, I just really love puppy play. I just love the visuals of it. And like some of it like I just don't get enough of it like, I want to create it myself. Like, I'm not gonna get enough of it. And because you have like this, I've noticed that there's some pups that like, especially with this thing, some pups are like, more I don't want to say it comes in phases because sometimes people can feel like they could do this for like a certain amount of time, but they want to take like some time off, or whatever. But some of the pups I really like and would want more. Sometimes I’ll take breaks. I'm like, “No, don't take breaks”. 


Interviewer: Yeah. 


Interviewee: It is selfish for me to say. So, I'm like, you know, well, I've been working out. I've been feeling really good about myself. It's almost like a workout motivator or like a physique motivator to keep what I'm doing. And then also I've been having really fun with this. So, like I've been really wanting to like have more of it. So, I'll just create it myself. And just kind of just, like, get the stuff that I have, like, get everything that I have that I get like wet dreams from when I'm sleeping, put that into visual reality kind of a thing.



Interviewer: Yeah, well, that's the thing, isn't it really because like, you only get more fans if you keep putting up new and different content.



Interviewee: You got to be consistent and talk to everyone and just like, you know, treat them as like a VIP, basically. But at the end of the day, like what it fundamentally comes down to is just produce great content. And just like the best content that you can do the content that you're happy with, you know, at the end of day, make sure that it's really fun, because that determines the longevity of doing it, you know, you want to make sure that it's fun the whole way through. And so far for me, I've been having a blast. 


Right now, I'm working on posting every single day for a whole year. And I'm pretty much almost there already. I might have to look back, I might have already done it. But I’m more so focused on like 2021 is going to be like every single day for sure has been a post each day. So, it's just something to do consistently and it's very fun. Also, it's really great for creativity and like, I'm constantly having, like, writer's block when it comes to ideas for like, changing up a picture, changing of backgrounds, like I've done X amount of pictures with this background and stuff like that. So, it's just what can I do to make it more fresh, and what kind of new settings and all that type of stuff and meeting new pups. And it's just a really good brain exercise for me every day just to like, come up with stuff.



Interviewer: It is like keeping your creative mind going. So, before you were doing this, like during, like, the beginning of the pandemic and stuff, what were you doing before?



Interviewee: I wasn't doing a whole lot, I was just in between figuring something out that like, I can just focus on that I find it exciting and entertaining. I was starting up like I was building websites at the time. I started a little business or some things like I can do that. But am I like, “Is it gonna be really that fun for me right now?” I was trying like I could sell this product or something like this, like I could do that or dabble into streaming video games. I love playing games and stuff like that. And over time, it's like, cool, like, I'm looking at Instagram and seen these pups like having these accounts and like they're using, like their persona as an outlet to do whatever they want to do. So, like, I just basically just went that route and to see where it went. Like honestly, I had no idea what I was necessarily like not getting into, but I have no idea how it would be the way it is right now. I just try to connect with as much people as possible, be kind, be nice, put out the best type of content I could possibly do. And like, I don't hashtag really. I tag the company for sure like Box and all that stuff. But I noticed, like you don't necessarily need hashtags. It all comes down to your content, like really have content and yeah, that's all you need. 



Interviewer: Totally. When you started, like you obviously didn't know any other people that did it like any other friends. Like it was all a personal thing for you.



Interviewee: It was a personal thing. I actually moved because I was living in Nebraska at the time. And nobody was really into that type of sphere. And I ended up moving from Nebraska to Pittsburgh, because there's more of a puppy community over there. And I really want to ride this puppy wave that I've been doing because I've just been finding so much joy just in general that I want to put myself in an environment to give him more longevity. Be able to connect with others that have similar interests, all that. And also if I want to make content with more pups like there's going to be more pups over here. So... 



Interviewer: They must be. I mean, are there clubs as well? 



Interviewee: Yeah. I'm also planning on new things like trying to branch out other things. I've been trying to do, like, you know, fusing my kinks with other things that I love, like skateboarding. There's kinksters that like random things beyond or on top of like, the kinky side of things like skate boarding stuff like pup stuff to make it sexy, and also really fun. Like I've been really wanting to do tricks and like, also making a very not safe-for-work as well. So, like, it does make it really fun. Like, these are just things I want to see honestly at the end of the day. And it's great because a lot of other people want to see it as well. And it's been really great. 



Interviewer: Yeah. It's like you said, that you love like video games, like I love video games as well. Because it's like a character. And you mentioned manga and stuff. It's like, you can kind of combine the two like with skating as well. I mean, there's no reason why you can’t have skating pup like you know, shit like that. 


Interviewee: Yeah, exactly. 


Interviewer: Because it can mix in with so many different genres. Because you can do the things that you like with it keeps you being creative, and you can put it on your Insta or Only Fans and get paid for it.



Interviewee: Right. Right. Right. Yeah, the possibilities are endless. And I'm just, you know, just realizing that and just, I'm just whatever I want to do for that day, what I want to build up on. Right now, I'm also working on some DJing stuff as well, because I've always wanted to, you know, have events like to like have a puppy event or like an event that's a little bit more on the animalistic side that's like the play off of like, that type of thing. I've found a lot of inspiration going to different types of raves in the past and just like, what can I do to like, just provide ways just like more of a creative outlet for myself on top of what I do already. And also, it gets people interested with what I do as well.



Interviewer: Yeah, so the clubs they're not like sex clubs. They're just like the usual. 



Interviewee: No, regular clubs. But sometimes there are clubs, you know, they let you get away with a few things on the dance floor as well. So, I mean, it can be you know, in a sense not just dancing.



Interviewer: Not a sex club, just a sexy club. 


Interviewee: Sexy one. Yes. Indeed.


Interviewer: I'm taking up your time here. You said in the beginning that you didn't, that you started off because you're with a partner, like do you have a partner now or do you just think, oh, it's not I don't have a type?



Interviewee: No, I'm a single puppy now. But yeah, just trying to, you know, going in this figuring out myself. I just realized I just really love doing this type of thing. I've been more so just doing it kind of solo lately, I think it's a little easier not having a partner, especially when you're dealing like Only Fans kind of stuff. You have to find the right type of partner to, like, do that if you are like in it. You may be doing, you know, videos with others. And you know, that could be kind of weird. Or just like, you know, it takes up a lot of time too. If you really want to have a good content, you need to put that time into it as well.  I don't know, it's been really focusing on just like, where I want to where I want to be and then you know, it's just more so just came down to differences. Yeah. 



Interviewer: Well, what would be your ultimate goal then? 


Interviewee: My ultimate goal it just comes down to doing it as long as I possibly can. I feel like I'm finding other routes to like, like, I know that I could, I could make hybrids of something like I could do this, like I said while DJing. I’ve been DJing forever. But like, I can incorporate public play with that. I can continue doing what I'm doing with that. But the Only Fans thing I definitely see myself doing it's still like the next 10 years from now. It's been really fun. Yeah, the sky is really the limit. I'm honestly just like putting in as much effort into whatever I'm getting into because that's like my personality. Like if I'm really focused on something like I really put like, as much as I possibly into it so that I can see what I'm capable of doing. But yeah, just mainly just trying to connect to as much individuals as possible about this type of thing is this like, like, emotionally, spiritually, sexually has done so much for me just like to know about this specific fetish. And just to broaden, broaden it a little bit and not like make it like, so exclusive to certain people but make it just like it's for everybody who wants to try it out. And it's like, no shame kind of a thing,


Going to events people always ask about like, “I really love the puppy thing like how do you get into it?” And like going to like far islands, a full gay island and just like, I think I got asked like 10 times of just like sometimes you in groups are just like so. “Like, how do you get into this?” Like, it's just like I like planting the seed. I'm a breeding puppy as much as when it comes to that. I like to have money. You know you never know you could be a dog. You just haven't been approached in a way that like oh it made me made that connection. It clicked for me like I can get into this type of spirits. That's why I've always say it's always a spectrum. You don't have to be like gimp puppy like very submissive, you don't need to be submissive. You can be a dominant puppy if you want to. It's all comes down to who you're playing with it's make sure that consent is there.


Interviewer: Do you like to play or doing both?


Interviewee: I do both. I tend to be more neutral. I always just feel out my partner. And sometimes it could be a little more submissive and sometimes it can be a little more dominant. I tend to lean 60% dominant and 40% submissive. It all comes down to the individual and also what my goal is.



Interviewer: Yeah totally. And one thing I do think is great it's like you said it got you like down the gym and stuff so like...


Interviewee: Oh yeah, because obviously like you know, having good body and stuff helps with Only Fans stuff, but it isn't like... but it seemed like you didn't wear the mask in the gym now I'm assuming.



Interviewer: I have like a couple times. I don't do it then. I mainly just wear just more so the regular mask like everybody.


Interviewer: Like the COVID mask.


Interviewee: Yes the COVID mask. I'll wear that like I wear like one of those just like...



Interviewer: Of course, because you can get away within the last two years but like this is my mask. It's just fancy.



Interviewee: Yeah, and there's like hybrids. There are ones they're like little more doggy ones. I wear those as well. So, like, I'm at the point like people enjoyed so much. I don't really care. Like I don't think they even anyone would really care about if I wore a puppy. Like why is he wearing a dog head? I get that extra rep and you know. Whatever you can do to get that extra rep- I feel like channeling like my doggie side it has definitely got me to push harder at the gym. And like, also, the nice thing about it is like whatever I do like people know that I'm pretty built fit and stuff like that. I mainly just show up at the gym and have my little like routine that I do when I just do that every other day upper body lower body kind of stuff. But like a lot of people a lot of my fans a lot of my followers have been like always, a lot of them will always reach out to this like asking questions about if I'm a personal trainer, but I'm not. I just want to take care of myself you know. And also I've also another kind of slight fetish is I'm just feeling muscle soreness. I really like that. So, it's just that.



Interviewer: I know what you mean. I'm feeling it today after the gym yesterday. My stomach muscles are killing me. 


Interviewee: Yeah.


Interviewer: It’s nice. It makes you feel like you frickin done something. 



Interviewee: Yeah. It is a level of accomplishment. In regards to my mood, I start off my day, usually with a workout. So, it's a thing that starts off the day. I already started off feeling accomplished. 


Interviewer: Yeah.


Interviewee: It's the thing that I just like to try to incorporate every as much as I can.



Interviewer: Yeah, totally. Well, listen, man, I've taken up enough of your time. Thank you. I could talk to you for ages. And thank you so much for talking to us.


Interviewee: Oh, my absolute pleasure. 


Interviewer: I don't want know what Luke wants us to do with the interview. But it'll be up on Box at some point. highlights. 


Interviewee: You can always do part two. If you have any other questions. I'm an open book. 


Interviewer: Thank you so much. And it's really nice to meet you. 


Interviewee: Absolute pleasure to meet you too. 


Interviewer: It was super nice. 


Interviewee: Thanks. I’m trying to be a good boy. 


Interviewer: You're a very good boy. All right. 


Interviewee: I hope you have treats though. 


Interviewer:  I do.


Interviewee: Give me some scratches here and there. 


Interviewer: Here’s your scratch.


Interviewee: Oh thank you.


Interviewer: Good dog. [Ruff] All right, I’ll talk to you later.


Interviewee: Peace.


Interviewer: Bye bye. 


Interviewee: Bye.



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