What Is Sean Cody, Who are the models & Whats the Cost?

As a new generation of self made porn floods the internet here's a deeper look into porno legends SeanCody.com


Ok, so, what is Sean Cody?

Simply put, SeanCody.com is a gay porn subscription based website. You pay your monthly membership fee and you get access to literally thousands of x-rated videos and hundreds of thousands pictures. 

There are endless gay video websites, what makes SeanCody any different?

Well firstly, the website is almost 20 years old now having launched in 2001 (feeling old?), so many adult film studios and websites are lucky to last 2 years let alone twenty, so kudos to them for that. 

Then there's the models, they have a look that's for sure, they're well..... sexy!

According to their own website when looking (purely for research purposes of course) in August 2020 they are 1184 different models. 


Having not checked each and every model individually it's a bit of a generalisation, nevertheless it would be fair to say that most if not all are young, handsome and athletic. 

The scenes themselves are incredibly varied from high school footballers wearing  jockstraps, to well heeled guys in suits. 

Another attribute common amongst the performers is the All American Boy look. Think, Ryan Gosling, Shawn Mendes, Channing Tatum, Cam Gigandet, Mario Lopez, Zac Efron, a young Cuba Gooding Junior and so on. 


Who are their most popular male models? 

It's difficult to say who the most popular models are on Sean Cody due to many variables, for example a model who has been on the website for years could have a lot more video views than a newbie but having scoured forums and different rating a few popular boys are below: 

Daniel - aka Andy Catlin 

Follow his Instagram HERE

Green eyed envy? Daniel is one of the poster boys of Sean Cody, known for being a total top and at times, incredibly rough with his partner or partners. 

Daniel features in 61 separates video scenes on the website, a count that will surely only grow. 

Reinforcing the 'young' theme of the models, Daniel is one of the older guys to feature, but how sexy is his salt n pepper hair! 


Brysen - who also goes by the name Dan Yates on his Only Fans profile. 

Follow his Twitter HERE

 Seen here in a video with his boyfriend Nolan Tyler. Brysen is our bearded hunk on the right. In the video above Nolan explain that Dan / Bryson and he met after Nolan told Dan he 'liked his work', then Dan looked at Nolan's butt and suddenly it's their anniversary. Cute! 


Jess or Jessie - We can't find any of his personal social media sorry! If you do comment it below and we'll add it in. 


Jess did a revealing YouTube interview in what looks like a break between scenes. With his shirt open and hair slicked back acting every the inch (8.5" if you're interested) the cool guy that he is. 

Asked how he was discovered as a porn model he said: "I was riding my bike one day, and this guy came up to me and ask me if I wanted to get into modelling, and one thing led to the next and here I am." 

Moving on to his favourite sex position without hesitation the 6ft2" lad says:

"Definitely doggy as he smirks. 

"I just like to be able to grab the hips and take control." 

Jess also confesses that his favourite model to pair with is Bryson, cute right? The reason being he gave him: "The best fucking of his life!" also cute.

How much do models get paid?

This is a difficult question to answer. What is clear from reading some blogs is that the website producers do treat their models well. Practical examples of that being sending a chauffeur car to collect them from the airport and paying for a 5* hotel whilst they're in town. 

It also depends on what type of scene the models are shooting. Solo, Duo, Triple etc? 

It's unknown if straight gays or gay4pay guys is a factor when deciding fees. 

Likely most fees are under NDA (non-disclosure agreements) in the model contracts, meaning, if they make their pay public, they could have to pay it all back. 

How much does a membership to Sean Cody cost? 

Sean Cody Membership Cost

 Screenshot seen above detailing the different subscription payment plans

Depending in which country you live and what offers or discounts are being valid if you take a standard monthly membership it's £20.99 or if you pay for a year up front it's £89.99 or £7.49 a month. 

Does that represent good value, is it worth it? That's a decision for you but £7.49 a month isn't so bad. Especially if you use it daily. 

You can pay by Credit or Debit Card, as well as PayPal and even Crypto Currency like Bitcoin. 

Has anything controversial happened with the site? 

In short, yes. 

Back in 2014 a high school in the US suspended a pupil and tried to prevent him from graduating after he featured in sex films on Sean Cody. 

Noel - Robert Muracci Sean Cody Model

Aged only 18, Robert Murucci was suspended from school for 10 days Cocoa High School in Floria after his porn actor persona 'Noel' was discovered. The 10 day suspension meant he would automatically fail his senior year, leaving him unable to graduate. 

In a post on Reddit by a profile which has since been deleted a family friend of Robert explained the situation: 

"My cousin is a schoolmate with the model who plays Noel. Apparently this last week word got out around the school that he was in gay porn. He got severely bullied and, instead of helping him, the school will not let him graduate due to him causing a "campus disturbance". They suspended him for 10 days, which leads to an automatic FA (failure from absences).

"Several students planned to protest by wearing support shirts, making posters, and skipping a class. The principle is threatening to automatically expel any student who joins in.

"I am still very closeted, and it hurts to hear friends and family think this guy is a sick and disturbed person by being in gay porn."

The good news is fellow students rallied around their classmate and protested at his suspension, managing to overturn the teenagers 'punishment' allowing him to graduate. 

Since leaving school Robert / Noel continued his adult entertainment career shooting a bunch more videos which are still live on the website now. 

There's also the story of Devon Hunter, who detailed what he described as homophobia on set at the website. 

Devon has chronicled his experienced in a detailed 3 part blog on his website which you can read HERE

After speaking out against Sean Cody the spat deepened with Devon claiming the website released his legal name to website Queerty, who later deleted an article on the matter. 




If you want to see some classically hot guys do all sorts things to / with each other, then go check it out for yourself. 

Sean Cody has lasted 20 years and is now part of a larger studios which also owns Men.com

The porn industry, straight, gay and gay 4 pay is changing fast with the introduction of self made and sold platforms such as Only Fans and Just4Fans along with other many others, yet, something tells us in one way or another Sean Cody will still be here in 20 years time. 


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