When is a giant pants bulge too much?

Model Jtoneda aroused in Box leggings

Ample room for fruit and veg


 We’ve all been there before, ever since we sat on a bumpy bus ride in our teens. The inappropriate erection. Of course, it’s only natural but it’s something that can cause no end of embarrassment and anxiety. Whether it’s with a hastily placed folder, zipping up your coat in record time or a bit or surreptitious ‘rearranging’, in polite society you need to cover it up, STAT!


The underground can be a place for many a bizarre encounter. Sometimes you catch someone’s eye or you bump into someone you’ve not seen in years. Suffice to say, the very nature of public transport is you never know you you’re going to meet or what may be sharing your carriage.


It’s not unusual to share a smile with a stranger, or maybe they offer you a seat.  In the case of this chap, it looks to us like he’s sharing more than his seat. On more than one occasion over the years, this muscled up lad has been spotted sleeping on the tube after what you can only imagine was an exhaustive gym session. You don’t need to look far before you see that it’s not just his sweaty sports kit he’s packing.


Train package 

Man in black gym clothes obvious erection

Someone's had a tough day at the office


These pics have been doing the rounds for a while now but it’s fair to say this might not be an accident. Sure we can’t control a night time boner but in those very tight sweat pants, it seems just a bit convenient that this muscly dude just happens fall asleep with a raging hard on tucked to one side. Guys with big dicks certainly know about it and gay or straight they like you to know about it too. Could this just be a case of exhibitionism, because he sure looks like he gets off on it?!


It seems almost ridiculous that it happens now, but of course it is still illegal to expose yourself to unsuspecting strangers in public. Back in the day, some men got their kicks from flashing their bits to a shocked audience and loving every minute.  Sure he’s got pants on and he’s not a seedy guy in a trench coat lurking in the bushes but is it the same thing?


The latest word from the police on the subject was back in 2015 in Manchester where a woman had been appalled by a lycra clad man in his 50s with a clear erection and consequently called the cops. While she was decried for wasting police time and her calls of public indecency drowned out in a chorus of muffled chuckles, they eventually said ‘Is it a crime to have an erection in public? Simple answer – depends what you do with it’.

Showing us the goods

man asleep black leggings with bulge on london underground

Nice bulge, shame about the trainer


With our horned-up tube rider here, while he doesn’t appear to be breaking the law, he also doesn’t appear to be asleep. In a video clip (watched over 125k times, shockingly) he drools on himself rather unconvincingly and it’s possible he’s even using his phone to capture people’s reactions. Ultimately it could be totally staged and that’s an object in his tight pants.


Gay or straight, accident or on purpose, fake or real, now that the tubes are back up and running if a pic pops up of this guy in a mask, snoring with his legs akimbo, we know he’s back in business.

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