Which underwear style is best for men?

Does the perfect pair of underwear exist? BOX Menswear have been pondering the question for a while now and we think it is time to find out. 

We have searched the internet high and low to find someone who has tested briefs versus boxers versus boxer briefs. We stumbled across this video by Real Men Real Style on YouTube. Here Antonio Centeno talks to us about what are the best underwear for men and why.

Antonio states that there are various rounds within this test, first he talks about appearance, then goes in to talk about comfort, then expends to talk about functionality and then versatility. According to him, all these factors determine what the best underwear style is for men. 

best underwear for men

The video focuses on the US based underwear company ‘Tani’.  So, let’s get started… Antonio starts by talking about appearance, He thinks that briefs are last in the list ranking 3rd for appearance.  He states “okay so coming in at number three guys are briefs, and if you're eight years old you're into transformers there's some great options out there and maybe they'd be ranked number one then, but for most men that are buying their own underwear it's going to be something that we want a few extra patterns, we want maybe something that’s going to accentuate our natural build, or for a little bit heavier set actually build up that lower body.”

Good News for you brief lovers out there is that BOX Menswear briefs are our best seller and extremely supportive, comfortable and sleek. With our new colour range launching next month you have a huge selection to choose from, so don’t worry about styles or patterns, we got you covered.

best underwear style for men

Antonio continues into number two, boxers. “Like I said if you've got a little bit of a stomach a little bit bigger of a guy, boxers are great because whenever you're walking around in your underwear they actually look better on you. But if you've got a decent somewhat decent build you want to look at boxer briefs. Boxer briefs popped up on the seen in the 1990s 'Marky Mark' made them popular with his big billboard ads.”

Boxer Briefs come in at number 1 on Antonio’s list. “The boxer brief is the best of both worlds, especially if you have a somewhat attractive body build, definitely they're going to look great, and that's what it comes down to appearance. A lot of guys are concerned how they're going to appear, in front of their significant other, so this is why I have this number one, its actually something very important to many men out there.”

We totally agree with this, appearance is vital to us at BOX. When designing our range, we always asked the question, style or comfort what’s more important, in the end we went for both. We men want to look good and feel comfortable at the same time.

Mr. Centeno now goes onto round 2… Comfort. “So, coming in at the last spot here I've got men’s boxers, and this may be a little bit controversial because I know many of you guys are going to say Antonio what are you talking about boxers are the most comfortable pair of underwear that I own, it's like wearing nothing. I've got you know, no support down there, I just get to let the boys hang out, and that's the double-edged sword guys, is that you don't have any support down there, and that may be great if you're not really active if you're not moving around, if you are relatively young, but as you get older things get a bit more sensitive you want support, especially If you're active.”

He Continues, “In the number two spot I've got boxer briefs, you get a little bit of the best of both worlds with more coverage here again, and you've also got support in for the boys.”

“But number one I've got briefs, in my opinion of briefs when it comes to support, if they are well made, if you've got a pair of briefs which is made from a great fabric and doesn't have any hot spots no tight spots on those briefs, they just fit you well, the great part you got full freedom of movement and in my opinion the most comfortable pair of underwear you can own.”

BOX menswear is all about the comfort, we find this an essential part of the perfect brief or boxer, you wear them the majority if not all of the day, therefore they need to be comfortable and super relaxing. Luckily BOX Boxer shorts and men’s briefs are ultra-comfy.

best underwear men

Round number three is functionality, this is where your underwear is doing its job which Antonino equates with basically protecting your clothing and protecting basically the view of your boys, keeping them in its place and not exposing them to the world.

In 3rd place on Antonio’s list for functionality is boxers. He states “You go to the gym you're wearing a pair of boxers and a pair of loose knit shorts and you're there doing some sit-ups and that woman you’ve been wanting to speak with, she comes up she looks down and you have just given her a full view, now some of you guys may be into, that but for most of us that's not the signal we are wanting to send here. So that's why when it comes to the functionality of actually protecting your clothing boxers do an okay job.”

“But when it comes to keeping the boys in their place and keep them covered it doesn't always do the best job, now number two we've got briefs, and briefs do a great job of keeping the boys in their place. The issue I have with briefs is they don't cover the inner parts of the thigh and they can cause chafing, especially if you're moving around a bit, and that's why number one I've got boxer briefs the best of both worlds, they cover your inner thigh to keep the boys in their place they keep them covered guys and you can safely wear them to the gym.”

Both our BOX Menswear boxers and briefs  are practical for almost everything. We have created our underwear so that it is supportive within all aspects, don’t worry about wearing them to the gym, they will support your package and look great peeping out the top of your waist band too. WIN, WIN!

We are now at Round number four gentlemen, and we are getting into versatility, and this is your underwear being able to be used as something else. Antonio states “So, coming in at number three guys there's no hiding the fact if you are in briefs you are wearing underwear. The silhouette everything about it is, there's no hiding this, and if the alarm goes off one o'clock in the morning you've got a fire alarm in your dorm and you go running out in your briefs there's no hiding the fact that you are in your underwear.”

“Coming closely in at number two boxer briefs, you've got maybe a little bit more coverage if it's cold outside, you're going to maybe stave off frostbite a little bit longer, but the point is you're still in your underwear.” Number one on the list is boxers they get the victory, because not only do you have a little bit of an air pocket there you've got a little bit of protection if it's cold outside, but you can pass boxer shorts as actual shorts if needs be, team with a T-Shirt and no one will know the difference.

After examining all the points, the rankings are in, in 3rd place Antonio found that boxers ranked the lowest score. Second place was boxers and 1st place was Boxer Briefs.

which underwear style for men

We feel that their can not be a 'best' when it comes to Men’s underwear, it all goes on personal preference, what mood you’re in, where you’re going, what you’re wearing etc. The perfect pair of underwear is going to depend on the man, depend on his needs, depend on his body type. We at BOX Menswear like to have a range of styles and colours to please everyone.

Take a look at our range and leave us a comment below, we would love to know what type of underwear you prefer.

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