Why Do Men Wear Thongs?

If you've landed on this article, chances are you've caught sight of a string creeping above a man's trouser line and frantically googling to make sense of what you've just witnessed. It's fine to have a wild imagination, but did you assume he was wearing a pair of women's underwear?


Model Dean Young in Box Menswear Thong

For those who are unfamiliar, men's thongs exist, and they're macho and practical undergarments. However, if this makes you wonder, why do men wear thongs? Here's all you need to know.

Men love comfort

When it comes to fashion, both men and women perceive it differently. For men, it is more about comfort and why not? Especially when it’s about lingerie. Men's thongs are not only comfortable, but they also sit correctly to shield your front profile without disrupting the male genitals' ventilation cycle.

While less coverage around the butt area might seem uncomfortable to some, it’s designed to give the skin more room to breathe. For those unfamiliar with this style, it may take some time to adjust, but once you do, there is no going back.

Soft and smooth fabrics

Another reason why thongs are favourite amongst men is that it is made using delicate fabrics such as silk, cotton, and modal, which provide protection and comfort 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, the thongs are available in various fabrics, allowing the wearer to select the best option for his skin and everyday demands.

Provides firm support and coverage

Model Eben in Alpine Green Box Thong

Let's be honest. The idea of wearing a thin, lightweight material that also has a feminine touch is enough to put anyone off. That said, a male thong is designed as specialty underwear to provide firm support and coverage for a man's manhood.

Because they are made using super-soft cotton blends and quality breathable fabrics, the thongs conform to your body's natural shape and size. Thus, providing proper cover and support where it matters the most. In addition, the thong has a non-binding plush waistband and a triangular pouch in the front to help increase mobility and a smaller waist bulge.

Feel and look sexy!

Besides everything else, a man would want to wear a thong for its sex appeal. On the one hand, male thong gives adequate coverage in the right places, but it also highlights the body's natural contours and enhances the butt cheeks, which many people find sexy. Men love it. Women love it. End of story!

So, whether you're just heating things up with your partner or flexing yourself in the mirror, thong underwear will empower you to feel sexier.

Give you more confidence.

Dave Richards, Modelling Grey on Grey Thong

Wearing a minimal piece of clothing down there that reveals and accentuates your body contours also gives a feeling of confidence. After all, it takes a confident man to embrace a rather unconventional style. Everyone wants to be around someone who is confident, whether a man or a woman, and nothing exudes more confidence than a revealing garment. Also, just as thongs look incredibly sexy on women, thongs look super sexy on guys.

Thongs are one of the best things to add to your wardrobe, but quality thongs are a bit hard to find. We’re here to help you out with this. Take a look at the entire Box Menswear Collection to get some amazing products!



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