Why Men Wear Wrestling Singlets?

It's a question that comes up so often amongst my friends. "Why is it men wearing wrestling singlets?", or, more specially, why so when they're not actually wrestling? 

To help us answer just why singlets are so popular for guys, and specifically gay guys, allow us to introduce German lad Jorg. 

athletic and muscular man in wrestling singlet

Alright, lets start with an outline... quite literally. There's no escaping from the elephant, or elephants trunk in the room or in that one piece, that the underlying reason these singlets are so sexy. 

     Outline of this blog:

  1. As discussed above, singlets as considered mainstream sexy. 

  2. Just what are Wrestling Singlets?
    • Where did they actually come from?
  3. The Gay Community and Fashion
    • Importance of self-expression. Never wear anything, that panics the cat. 
  4. Connection between Gay & Bi Men and Wrestling Singlets
    • Symbolism and empowerment
  5. Reasons Why Gay Men Wear Wrestling Singlets
    • Body confidence
    • Community and belonging
    • Fetish and Fantasy
  6. The Role of Media and Pop Culture
    • Influence of celebrities
    • Portrayal in movies and series
  7. .... and, lots more of our model Jorg along the way too. 


You may have noticed that wrestling singlets are quite popular in the gay community. But have you ever wondered why that is? The relationship between gay men and wrestling singlets goes deeper than just the fashion statement or the eye catching bulges. It is a mix of history, symbolism, and empowerment. Here's various reasons why we think gay men love to love wrestling singlets.

Deep yellow lycra wrestling singlet, pulled down to the waist.

It's like he's naked, but better? Yellow singlets really do highlight this athlete's bulge. 

Exactly What are Wrestling Singlets?

A wrestling singlet is a one-piece, tight-fitting, what you could call uniform, usually made of spandex, lycra or nylon material. No prizes for guessing that it is traditionally worn by wrestlers.

The singlet has evolved over time from a loose-fitting, sleeveless tunic and shorts to the more streamlined, bulge cupping design we see today.

Gay stretchy wrestling singlet with huge dick

Singlets can be worn with the shoulder straps in place, or lower down, with the top folded so it sits on top of the penis. This grey colour is especially effective at showing off. 

The Gay Community and Fashion

Fashion has always been an important way for the LGBTQ+ community, and especially gay men, to express themselves. It's a way to show pride, create a sense of community, and challenge societal norms.

perfect mens ass
Does his bum look big in this? It looks big in anything, but even more so stood in the window sliding this singlet up. What must the neighbours think? 

Over the years, certain pieces of clothing have become symbolic for the gay community, and the wrestling singlet is one of them.

Connection between Gay Men and Wrestling Singlets

The connection between gay men and wrestling singlets can probably be traced back to the 1980s and 1990s when the gay community started to adopt this piece of clothing as a symbol of strength and empowerment.

Singlets highlight the physique and showcase the body and lets be honest, the male penis and bum in a way that many gay men find attractive and empowering.

Tall young man in wrestling singlet

You can smell the power. Look at this tall young man in his singlet. 

Reasons Why Gay Men Wear Wrestling Singlets

Body Confidence - there's no denying its sexy. 

Wearing a wrestling singlet can be a great confidence booster. It accentuates the muscles and the contours of the body, making one feel more confident and attractive.

Grey singlets with shaping can help enhance the outline of your body. 

Community and Belonging

Wearing a wrestling singlet can also create a sense of community and belonging. It is a way to identify with others who share the same interests and values.

Fetish and Fantasy

For some, wrestling singlets are associated with fetish and fantasy. The tight-fitting nature of the singlet can be sexually appealing and can play a role in the bedroom.

When it comes to fetish, sex, porn and other connotations, a white singlet shows off everything underneath. Look at Jorg below. 

see through white singlet from the front.

Here's a beautiful muscular lad wearing a see through white singlet from the front.... and back below 

see through white singlet shaping male ass

The Role of Media and Pop Culture

Celebrities and media play a significant role in popularising trends. Over the years, many celebrities, including those from the LGBTQ+ community, have been spotted wearing wrestling singlets. Additionally, the portrayal of wrestling singlets in movies and series has also contributed to their popularity.

The Importance of Acceptance and Support

Feeling accepted and supported is essential for everyone's mental health and well-being. By wearing wrestling singlets, gay men can express themselves freely and feel a sense of belonging and acceptance within their community.

So, in short, yes men wear singlets for sexual reasons, but there is a lot more to it than that. 

We'll leave you with a couple more pictures of gymnast and fighter Jorg below to enjoy. 

The rest of the range can be found here

sexy gay singlet picture with man

yellow penis singlet


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