Klitschko heads to Ukraine to fight

vladimir klitschko topless

 Klitschko in his prime, winning belts all over the world.


We are living in terrifying times. What the west feared for a very long time has come to pass and Vladimir Putin has invaded his neighbouring country of Ukraine. You cannot move for the conflict being on the news with everyone trying to get into the head of the deranged dictator.


Tough times


One thing that the war has done is galvanise the west. Whilst Ukraine is not in NATO, the harsh sanctions imposed by most of the rest of the world are designed to cripple the Russian economy. Due to the fact that if the west act militarily, there is a strong possibility that the war will spread into a World War 3, it has been left up to Ukrainian nationals to repel Putin’s forces.


wladimir klitschko topless


Peace is just a word, and a sign. Never was it more relevant.  


Whether you are a businessman, a lawyer or a doctor, men of fighting age are expected to stand by their countrymen and that includes international celebrities. Former world heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko has headed back to fight and be with his brother Vitali who is also the mayor of the capital Kyiv.  


Talking war


Wladimir Klitschko, 45, said in a recent interview: "To come to our home and kill our men, women and children, this is not human, what any human can do”


He went on: "We need supplies, we need food, we need medicine. We need any support, financial support, as we are alone in this case. But, in a way, we are all together. The democratic Western world stands for us and with us. This war, if it is not going to stop in Ukraine, it is going to spread out. If any of you are thinking, 'it's in Ukraine, I don't really care,' you should. Don't underestimate it, we should take care of it promptly.”


Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko

Brothers in arms - Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko


"I am proud of the world's unity and seeing sporting communities standing together - the IOC, boxing federations, UEFA, FIFA, Formula 1. Ban Russian teams from participating. I have nothing against the athletes but they are presenting the regime and in some way the connection with this war. It is never enough until the war is going to be stopped but it is important to show the world is not okay with this war, that the sporting world is not okay with it."


"It's a very challenging time in the lives of Ukrainians. I was never thinking I am going to face the war. You see and hear the explosions, the rockets, the destroyed vehicles, buildings - it is absolutely terrifying what the war can do. I am proud of the Ukrainian nation. Everyone stands for each other. I have never been as proud to be Ukrainian as now."

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