Wonder Woman 1984 Takes A Heroic Leap Into The Unknown

Gal Gadot as Wonder woman in gold armour

The mask is supposed to cover your nose and mouth WW, not everything else! Sigh. 


It’s not been an easy road for Wonder Woman 1984 to get to the movies, it was due out in December 2019, a full year before it finally arrived on the big screen. By the time it did, in the UK there was the slimmest of windows in which to experience it as the director Patty Jenkins first envisaged.


Back to the future 


In fact, I went to my local Odeon cinema (the Cineworld still lies dormant) the day it came out which was also the day the cinemas were forced to close again in London, their biggest market, due to pandemic. Here we are in yet another lockdown and what was supposed to be the saviour of the movie business, is again scuppered by the invisible enemy that has laid waste to so many businesses in the last year.


chris pine long hair suede jacket blue background

We'd say curtains were more 90's than 80's but Chris'll still do


It’s very hard to feel sorry for a blockbuster but timings-wise, this really sucked. In the summer-time it was supposed to be Bond that was going to fly in on a high-wire, kick Covid in its criminal ass and save the country’s cinemas from going bust. Sadly, when they pulled the plug on No Time To Die for the millionth time it seems, it resulted in the collapse of Cineworld who might not have shut up shop forever but are least in some sort of cine-stasis for the time being.


Save our cinemas


So back to WW84. It’s a movie buff’s wet dream. Not only is it the follow up to the excellent Wonder Woman, it’s the same female director, it’s set in the eighties (the hair! The tunes!), Chris Evans is back and it has none other than comedy legend Kristen Wiig as Cheetah – a totally nonsense laugh riot of a baddie.


gal gadot kristen wiig laughing 

You gotta laugh or you'll cry - Kristen Wiig with Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot


There’s a lot to love about this movie, one of the main things was just being in the theatre to see it. Giant popcorn, over-priced hideous-yet-delicious nachos, sticky floors. There was a sense of nostalgia and normality that once gain has been whipped away from us just like Wonder Woman would do with a crack of her whip on a AK47 pointing towards a school bus full of kids.


Where does that leave Diana Prince and her pals now? You will be able to catch it on January 13th on premium on demand which is how the movie The Witches was released last Halloween. For about £15-£20 you’ll get a 48-hour rental to watch it as many times as possible. Sadly, now we’re in the eighteenth lockdown you can’t watch with a gang of pals but one thing I will tell you about the film, it’s full of positivity, adventure and some awesome effects. Whilst it looked amazing in the cinema, the sentiment will be just as poignant in your living room and you don’t even have to leave the house! Mainly because you’re not allowed to buy hey.

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