Working Out Naked And Gymming In The Buff

muscly man in gym changing room flexes with pants down

Where we're going, we don't need pants


The gyms are now back in action and we couldn’t be happier. Getting to grips with our post lockdown bodies has been a struggle but bit by bit, we’re getting there. We all have to get used to the fact that we might not be able to lift as much as we used to (trainers have suggested you build back up gradually) but just being there is a relief. While things seem a little different with the wiping down of machines before and after use, frankly we’d have been happy if these rules had already been in place!


There’s plenty of outdoor work out spaces too. With classes smaller due to coronavirus restrictions, tennis courts and car parks have been converted into exercise spaces but we’re not sure our local David Lloyd would permit this sort of activity!


Benching in the buff 


Naked gyms it seems are a real thing! A while ago the first one opened a few years ago now but with the lockdown, naked gym goers have become naked gym instructors and we’re here for it! Whist this is no new thing and naked work outs have been a thing since the ancient times, now with the joys of social media we can see them online! Gay porn star Skyy Knox put his own spin on it in lockdown but now its lifted and the weather is scorching, surely naked is the way to go! Other than staying cool you can see your muscles tone and have less physical restrictions. Or do you?


porn star Skyy Knox topless in pose 

The skyy's the limit with Mr Knox's nude workouts


We think the idea of a naked gym sounds better in theory than in practise. While I’m sure we all like the idea of having a cheeky peek at guys doing lunges, squats and chest day, in reality it might not be practical. Of course, wiping before and after use now becomes even more essential than before, but there is also the fact that you need to be naked too. Getting naked in front of a partner can be nerve wracking as it is if you’ve got some wobbly bits you’re not happy with let alone a whole gym.


Muscly man sitting naked in gym with weights 

Do NOT drop that weight on any extraneous body parts


Caution to the wind


Also when you’re doing a proper work out, you don’t want to be distracted too much and the sight of random guy’s dangly bits jiggling here and there might be enough to put you off your burpees. Then there’s the fact that what if you went on a day when there wasn’t a fittie in sight? We’ve all been to or seen a nudist beech and whilst we applaud the ability to feel free and uncluttered with the bindings of clothes, it’s not what we’d call an attractive view.


One final health and safety note, if you’ve ever got a wire or stray bit of jumper caught in a machine at the gym and watch it be decimated in the mechanisms, now imagine that’s your balls. No thanks!

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