Your Secret for 2019: 8 Awesome Trends in Men's Underwear

Your Secret for 2019: 8 Awesome Trends in Men's Underwear

As much as you love playing with the latest fashion trends on the streets, you can do it in the sheets too. Check out these great trends in men's underwear.


Boxers or briefs? Many guys don’t think twice about their underwear purchase.

But the tighty whiteys and lucky boxers you wear has a lot to do with the health of your nether region — and what your partner thinks of your sex appeal.

Your underwear is more powerful than you think. Men’s underwear is designed to soak up sweat, protect your genitals, and some fabrics even prevent bad scents (your sexual partner will appreciate you wearing this type of underwear).

Create a new underwear wardrobe with these eight men’s underwear trends for 2019.

1. Prints

You see prints everywhere. From shirts to dresses and even to purses and shoes.

Now, prints are appearing on men’s underwear. Before you pick up the leopard print man-thong, your partner will get a bigger kick out of specific prints.

Start with geometric prints. This includes stripes, squares, and other unique designs. Try and find patterns with subtle colours, such as grey or navy.

Try to avoid boxers that have too loud of prints. This includes unique shapes and bright colours. These boxers are too bold and not something that’s spicy in the bedroom.

2. Classic White Boxers

As a guy, we’re sure you have plenty of these. And you’re in luck! The whitey tighties will never go out of style. White is classic — it looks attractive and won’t look terrible in case the underwear peaks out from under your pants.

Keep in mind, style is key when wearing plain white boxers. Boxer briefs are the most ideal option. They’re long enough to guarantee comfort but they’re protective to prevent chafing and other skin issues.

They’re also form-fitting, which is enough to catch attention from your partner.

For extra comfort, choose a stretchy material such as polyester or a cotton-spandex blend.

3. Silk

Are you a guy who loves taking a day to lay around the house with your partner?

If you and your partner love those clothing-optional days but at least want some support down there, silk boxers are seriously hot right now.

Silk is comfortable, soft, and loose. While silk boxers aren’t the best to wear under pants, they make perfect lay-around-the-house boxers.

Silk also provides other benefits.

Silk is a natural material free of chemicals. It’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t attract dust and resists dust and fungus. Silk helps lock in moisture so you don’t struggle with a dry pubic region while absorbing excess sweat.

4. Classic Boxers

Another classic staple is trending this year.

Boxers are the go-to for many guys. They’re comfortable, easy to slip on and come in many styles, colours and patterns. Boxers are also made with fun designs and colours.

Many guys also prefer boxers because of the mobility. They’re not too snug and offer plenty of room for your jewels.

There are some best practices when wearing boxers. Make sure you wear a belt.

Boxers are easily slip up or your pants can show off your boxers. A belt ensures your pants don’t move, keeping your boxers hidden.

The type of pants you wear also matter. Don’t wear your skinny jeans over boxers. Opt for loose pants or baggy shorts.

5. Athletic and Compression Boxers

We’re living in the age of health and fitness. More guys are hitting the gym and getting a good sweat session in. Should you wear your cotton boxers while at the gym?

Many men are preferring athletic and compression boxers and undergarments for their fitness time.

Athletic undergarments help tackle some of the issues men face during a workout. They help keep your pubic area dry. This helps prevent chafing, excess sweat, and unsatisfying scents.

Since they compress to your genitals, they’re mobile and protect your jewels during your workout. No matter if it’s leg or arm day, you’ll feel comfortable maneuvering around the gym.

6. Novelty Boxers

Funny and novelty boxers will always have their staple in men’s underwear. From silly phrases to nostalgic images, men can’t resist seeing their favourite cartoon characters on their boxers.

While many men have solid-coloured and simple boxers, it’s no surprise that all guys also love sporting their silly boxers.

There are best practices when wearing novelty boxers.

These shouldn’t be the first boxers you choose when on a first date or take home a new lover. After you become accustomed to your new partner, you’ll learn if they enjoy your underwear humour.

7. Luxury Briefs

More men are caring about their appearance and paying more attention to their wardrobe. Underwear is no exception. Which is why luxury underwear, specifically luxury briefs, are becoming a thing.

What makes one pair of underwear more luxurious than the other? The secret lies in the material. Underwear designers aren’t settling for basic fabrics such as cotton. Instead, they create new materials that boost elasticity and softness.

Do you want luxury boxers but aren’t willing to throw down a few hundred pounds for a pair? You can find a high-quality pair for as low as 10 pounds.

8. Neon

Bright underwear is taking the cake for men’s underwear colours, especially for the spring and summer. Neon underwear is famous for making a statement.

Whether you’re in the locker room or with your partner, the bright colours scream “look at me!” So don’t be afraid to find a stylish neon-coloured thong and surprise your partner during one of your fun evenings.

Which colours should you choose? All neon colours make great underwear colours.

But the specific colours trending include yellow, orange and green.

Are you more of a simple guy who wants to sport a pair of neon underwear?

Start with a pair of bright-coloured but classic boxers. For adding style, choose a pair with details such as a print.

Time to Shop for New Men’s Underwear!

From athletic boxers to crazy patterns, there are many hot men’s underwear trends in 2019.

If you’re on the lookout for the trendiest underwear, take a look at our selection.

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