YouTuber AbsolutelyBlake Naked On a Skyscraper!!

Youtubers in 2020 are the new reality stars of the world, making us laugh, cry or dance to silly or serious online videos. Other youtubers venture down the weird avenue and offer big money fights to an undisputed and undefeated boxer who has never lost a professional fight. Along with a slightly abnormal year with the Covid situation this has offered some light relief to the dreary lockdowns.

Another popular YouTube star, AbsolutelyBlake, who has amassed around 180k followers on his YouTube Channel thus far. Blake has tried to keep us all entertained  by showing his sexy ass in weird and wonderful places. Quite recently Blake has taken it upon himself to scale a 68 story skyscraper all in order to share his pert little ass off to his followers!

Waking up in a highrise building and being naked is so tame even by today's standards so freeballing on top of a Canadian building is a new way to gain a following or a high!

Along with AbsolutelyBlake, recent flashing on a building, before this recent video aired he got dropped his pants and boxers to show people his sexy body. 

Veld Festival - AbsolutelyBlake

One thing that is for certain, YouTuber Blake has a kind of zest for life, and we are here for that! Whether it is going bollock naked in-front of hundreds of people at a festival, or taking to nature in only your birthday suit.

AbsolutelyBlake not only goes naked on his own on a regular basis, he also manages to get his closest friends to join in with his extreme outdoor activities.

It is not well known if Blake is 100% straight or not. His social media / Instagram is littered with pictures of his girlfriend with captions such as “cutest couple”. Due to his free spirited attitude and other antics set out in his videos many believe the star to be gay. He is also seen on Insta in donning a pride vest in Las Vegas with several friends.

Regardless of this, we love AbsolutelyBlake and want to encourage him to continue showing his ass and body to the whole world!

*Pics / videos courtesy of AbsolutelyBlake Insta

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