Zac Efron's beach bod

zac efron runs on beach

Zac, back and crack - yes please.


As summer fast approaches we all start to think of that seasonal bod and usually how we’re not quite there yet. Well, we mean, we should have started thinking about it back in January but Dry Jan never quite happened as the world is in disarray right now so we just didn’t have the motivation.


Final Efron-tier


And its all about the motivation isn’t it and Zac here has plenty of that. He doesn’t have a inch of fat on him it seems as he prances about on the beach in Costa Rica a few weeks ago. His muscles are simply ripped, his bulges are in all the right places and he looks, as ever, the Baywatch god even when he’s on his holidays.



zac efron on the beach

Loving the shorts - Zac rocks some sexy beachwear  


We are loving Zac’s ripped physique and on closer inspection, while he may be rocking just a pair of blue and white striped board shorts, he’s certainly got them amply filled as well which we do appreciate.


Zac's the way to do it 


As for the mystery woman? Well your guess is as good as ours. After splashing about for a while in the glittery azure water on his surfboard and make us all totally jealous either of him or of the board, the 34-year-old High School Musical actor decided it was fitness first and went for a bit of beach cardio, topless of course as he bounded down the white sandy beach.


zac efron runs on beach

Running up that beach, with no problems


Clearly our Zac is one of those peeps who likes to get his exercise in, even when he’s on holiday. We are pretty sure we could count on one hand the amount of times we’ve used a hotel gym on holiday but then, when you’ve got beefy biceps and perfect pecs like Zac, these things need maintenance and that is his USP after all. Cheeky good looks and a bod to die for is the Efron way!


Buff beach


Zac has been single since his breakup with his Australian girlfriend Vanessa Valladares April last year after less than a year of dating. Clearly you’re going to have to be one special lady to pin our Zac down and it doesn’t look like he’s gonna be settling down anytime soon. Life just looks way to fun right now.  Could we be looking at his generation’s George Clooney? Time will tell.

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