Gorgeous Joerg reveals a little bit too much... 🙈

Oh that Joerg. The Box favourite is renowned for causing sensation on his Only Fans and Twitter account. The world of fashion and modelling is known for its daring, bold, and sometimes provocative statements. It's no surprise that occasionally, male models may push the boundaries a little too far, revealing a bit more than intended. In the video below, Joerg performs his morning stretches in the sexy Mesh Boxers. Bending down perhaps a little too much, he shows off a bit more than his cheeky side. Check out his perfect peach in all its glory.

 Why don't our Yoga classes look like this?

The chiselled Joerg is no stranger to displaying his toned body on his various social accounts. Whether it be his Instagram or OnlyFans, Joerg loves to tantalise and tease in all of the most popular Box Menswear products. A big fan of getting sweaty and active, the German hunk will often slip into (and out) of a wrestling Singlet. Check out the video below, and get a look at his massive bulge through the stretchy spandex.  

Baby oil recommended

Those rippling muscles and washboard abs don't come easy, and Joerg engages in weight lifting and cross-fit training on a daily basis. A fitness fanatic, the Box boy often posts his workout videos and tips online. It's not uncommon he will do so in a pair of Track Pants, resulting in some serious VPL action. Look at his bulge bounce and he jumps up and down. He knows exactly what he's doing...

Getting Jiggy With It