The 'Supreme' Mojib lives up to his name in post-gym selfies 🍆

A regular Box favourite, the young Afghan model declares himself as the 'Supreme' Mojib on his Instagram handle. We certainly can't argue with that, based on his latest batch of saucy selfies published on his private social accounts. 

A fitness fanatic who loves to Cross-Fit train around the world, the hunky model regularly wears Compression Shorts for his vigorous workouts. The shorts absorb sweat and result in no chafing, while showing your features at the front and back with the form-fitting style. Mojib is no stranger to wearing these shorts and displaying his assets, as you can see below. 




The Grey really brings out his... let's say eyes.

Recently released, the Defined Behind: Compression Shorts have caused quite the sensation with Box customers. The specially crafted material is designed to show, as Mojib certainly does below. Can you imagine seeing this in the gym locker room?

Someone wants to say hello.
You can never go wrong wearing a pair of joggers to the gym. The ultimate go to for sportswear, they provide warmth, comfort, and in the case of Mojib, highlight all your best features. The toned hunk flexes more than his beefy biceps, almost bursting out of his t-shirt and jogging bottoms. 

Unedited and uncensored, as promised