Must See *VIDEO* SEE THROUGH Underwear In Shower

Talk About A Power Shower 

Here's your reward, just for being a Box Menswear VIP member. After a long hot day outdoors, Latino Instagram Twink Emilio Contento decided to strip down to his boxer shorts and take an outdoor shower to cool himself off. This 37 second video shows Emilio pretty much nude. 

If you'd like to see more of the sexy Spanish-speaking dude, his Instagram is here

Boxers Crotch Comparis

Picture above shows the same guy wearing King Fit short leg boxers. The left is the original double layer crotch vs the image on the right which is the transparent crotch, this time dry. You can see just how much this white underwear shows off your bulge. 

Sporting the super soft King Fit Transparent Crotch mens underwear, the pocket rocket with a rock-hard body shows off his superhero abs as the water splashes down his tanned body, they do say a tan gives you more definition?!

Emilio can’t keep his cheeky & seductive smile off his face as he massages his muscular jock body down from his neck, pecs, 6 pack and eventually towards his bulge in his underwear. 

He even struggles to keep his hands off his bulging biceps and pumped chest as the water drenches his body.

The end result, well, Box Menswear make transparent and semi transparent underwear, so with the cold water added on, you can see Emilio as if he's almost naked. 


King Fit Transparent Crotch - See Through Underwear For Men

One of Box Menswear’s most popular products, this King Fit allows for a little sneaky peek at what’s hiding underneath through its Transparent Crotch. The semi-transparent material is perfect for those who love to tease and show off their most desirable assets.

Emilio Contando Underwear Photo outside

An 8 pack just doesn't do it justice? Image above features Emilio smiling as his white underwear goes see through when wet. Any horticulture experts care to name that cactus in the background? 

As the Venezuelan hottie enjoys himself under the shower, his private member becomes nearly fully exposed. Emilio flaunts his private parts, and as his underwear gets wetter and wetter, his bulge becomes bigger and beautiful. The tight fitting and super soaked King Fit allow the hunk to display the outline of his thick dangling cock, barely contained in the White boxers.


Slippery When Wet

Giving a little twirl for his fans, the brown-eyed boy showcases his peachy behind. The lycra boxers cling to his tanned body with his big booty visible for all to see, his ass cheeks struggling to contain themselves against the tight fit. Choosing to model the shorter leg King Fit, Emilio lets the glistening water splash over his thick thighs and shapely legs.

Instagram Model Emilio wearing Pink Boxer Shorts

Emilio sat legs open on the bathroom floor wearing some pink boxer shorts taking a selfie. Do you have any body hair? 


Available in sizes S to XXL, the King Fit: Transparent Crotch caters for all shapes and sizes. Whether in Black or the White colour that the Latino stud Emilio is wearing, you will feel your sexiest and most confident in these tight fitting boxers.