sexiest gaa players: Brendan Maher 

GOOD MORNING and welcome back to the running series of the Sexiest GAA Players we have encountered here at box.

Today's feature is on none other than pretty boy; Brendan Maher. Born 5th Jan 1980, this fine ass so n so plays for Borris-lleigh as well as the inter-county 'tipperary senior hurling team' where he is known to line out as a right wing-back.

Anyways if you have been keeping up with this series then you know what we are all about. However, if this is all knew to you then welcome, sit back and enjoy the viewing :) 

Above: This is not what was meant when we thought (dreamt) of Maher taking some wood to the face. Regardless, look at those POWER THIGHS rippling under those white sports shorts. My goodness.

Above: Brendan seen here with some fellow GAA baddies in there burgundy shirts and white shorts, as they take a rest. 


Above: A victorious Brendan beams with joy in a smart outfit after winning the championship. Look at that face! 

Above: I don't even have any words for this one, I am just in awe and slightly jealous. 


Above: One last treat for you all