Box Menswear, a distinctly British brand committed to staying true to our roots by being always inclusive and forever exclusive. Designed to allow every man to feel confident and supported, whether it's a long day in the office, heading to the gym or out for dinner with friends.  We appreciate comfort and quality in equal measures. Our super soft stretch fabric is used on all of our underwear items, to ensure comfort, durability and support. 
Founded in 2014, the launch of our essential collection including our Boxers, Briefs and Trunks started the journey and are still the OG's of the Box brand. Using quality materials and unique designs, your underwear draw will soon be filled with Box
Underwear is where we started, but is not where we stop. The brand now offers a range of apparel and loungewear, suitable for everyone's styles, budget and needs. Whether you are are looking for the a tracksuit to run errands, or the softest pyjama bottoms for those chill days, we have you covered. 
Box is not just a brand, we are family. We would not be where we are without our extended family of models. We aim to put on at least one Box Menswear Trip every single year. In 2019 we managed two amazing trips to Koh Samui in Thailand, followed by a Road Trip across the US State of Texas. 2021 brought us our Homecoming stay at the luxurious Westbury Castle in North Wales, UK. 
Why not take a look at who we have representing Box, you won't be disappointed >> OUR MODELS
Box Menswear Thailand
Designed and distributed from Liverpool, UK, Box is a name you can trust. 
Our Box, Your Package.




All of our products are designed and created with the highest quality materials and care going into every stitch. You will be able to find the fabric composition for every garment on each product page. 



We care about our contribution to saving the environment, all of our garments are suitable for a cool machine wash, or you can hand wash all products. Do you thing and wash at 30.

Do not use bleach

Hang dry or lay flat to dry

Do not iron

Do not dry clean

For specific care instructions, please check the product pages.