Nathanael Rush

Favourite Underwear: Briefs
Nationality/Hometown: Georgia, USA
US boy Nathan joined us on our UK Homecoming trip in 2021 where we stayed at Westbury Castle. We have worked with Nathan previously via socials, so it was great to meet him in person, and boy did he not disappoint! 
“Fitness is definitely my passion whether it’s training people online or in person it’s what I love to do. Training has given me a lot of confidence I never had growing up.I’m also a professional actor (Which is how I became a trainer) getting my first National commercial for Powerade by accident. Yup! At the time I had zero experience and was discovered on Instagram for that ad! Since then I’ve done other commercials and even my first feature film role on Netflix in the movie Sextuplets! And my next tv role is currently in the works BUT I’m not able to give away the details just yet! When I’m not busy I really enjoy hiking. I love getting to be outdoors! I love being able to walk away from a busy life and enjoy the peace of nature”