?8 Times One Direction Liam Payne's Body Made Us Stare!

Back in 2008 we saw a fresh-faced Liam Payne audition for the X Factor for first time, the young singer made it to judges houses, where Simon advised he audition again in 2 year’s time and sent him home. 2 years later the young hopeful did just that, little did he know he would be entered into the biggest boy band and go onto take the world by storm. Flash forward 11 years later and a mature Liam is now ripped and shredded AF, a father to his son Bear and dated a string of very popular women. Let’s just say he is living his best life well and truly. 

Whilst browsing the One Direction singers Instagram, we couldn't help be drawn in by the numerous topless pics he posts. If we had your body Liam, we would do the exact same. 

Here is our top 8 topless Instagram pictures of the star....

Loving his life in the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in rural California. The heartthrob posed completely topless on the side of a road wearing only baggy sport shorts with his boxer waistline showing and white trainers. After uploading this image with his 17.3 million Instagram followers, it caught the eye of model Winnie Harlow, who double tapped that and gave this ripped torso a 'like.'



Living the high life once again, Liam took a dip into the pool whilst in Dubai and adventured onto the water park at the Atlantis Hotel. Looking ripped as ever, dripping wet in from what we can see maroon coloured swimming shorts, he asked, "Have you ever tried getting onto one of these things? 🤷🏻‍♂"  



Back in September, Liam posted this cheeky image on his Instagram celebrating his 25th birthday. No other way to celebrate than topless, shades on, wearing red swimming shorts with a cute animal cake. We thought originally this may have been for his little son, Bear, however turns out it was for himself, we say you’re never too old for a cute cake. 


 Liam showed Cheryl what she is missing with this moody pic, which was taken during a photoshoot with photographer Greg Wilson. The star shared 3 colourless images with his Instagram followers from the same shoot. This was by far our fave though, topless for the win - always!


Posing for fan at Virgin Radio, Liam tensed his chiselled six pack and tattooed arms, wearing some Emporio Armani boxers and jeans whilst photos got taken. A look which we think would be much better wearing a pair of BOX undies. 


Our 7th favourite picture of the hunk is this cute candid photo of the star lounging on his bed wearing nothing but comfortable sport shorts and a beaming smile. His 6 pack tensed with the laughter and looking 🔥!

We obviously knew the star loved to work out, judging by his outstanding physique, however we were shocked to see that it is yoga he enjoys. Here the 'What Makes You Beautiful' hit maker exercises in a pair of Nike black sport shorts, showing us how its done with his super toned body. 

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