Bel Ami Boys Get Back In Their Box

David Carvaggio in red teeshirt and blue box tracksuit bottoms

'Scuse me mate, you need a hard hat to stand there gazing'


It might seem a bit old fashioned in this PornHub ruled world we live in, but once upon a gay, Bel Ami DVDs were a must have from what was a powerhouse of beautiful, artistically shot pornography. As trends moved towards a more rough and ready type of porn, clean cut hotties were no longer the dish of the day as much, let alone actually having to pay for your porn! We here at Box Menswear have not forsaken these delectable chaps and they haven't forgotten us.


Porn in the USA (ok, Europe)


What is Bel Ami? Well, way back in Eastern Europe in 1993, the only way you could get your hands on gay porn would be to wait while your parent’s painfully slow internet dial up took forever to download a cock pic or to brave the murky back streets and find a sex shop that sold some. Bel Ami DVDs were must have and pricey at that, most of us had never seen such hot guys in real life, let alone getting it on for the camera. Bel Ami dispenses with phoney storylines and just got down to well lit, well shot fit men having sex.


elio chalamet in box joggers and burgundy top

Drink, bulge repeat. Elio Chalamet stands near a chalet.


We’re not going to be giving you a history lesson on porn, just take a look at our features on Brent Everett and Brent Corrigan if you fancied an in depth look at those porn stars in particular. No, we’re going to be talking about Bel Ami which for nearly twenty years has been showcasing clean cut, polished and beautiful guys that have become their signature.


Porn to make you happy


Bel Ami is still going strong in the porn universe however, winning porn awards all over the shop.  and some of the ex-models are enjoying their Box Menswear and not afraid to show it. Comfy joggers seem to be their product of choice with their cosy inside material to keep their family jewels warm.


elio chalamet in red top and box joggers with bulge

Red or dead - Elio spots a hot guy on the horizon


When you have your junk on display on the regs, surely it deserves fancy packaging then they’re not? Two of these former Bel Ami hotties are Elio Chalamet and Derek Carvaggio. We would definitely say that they fit the Bel Ami mould. First you have Elio who with his smooth muscled chest and stocky legs, definitely fills a pair of Box tracksuit bottoms – and that’s without even looking at the bulge which is hard to miss.


They'll be there for you


Then you have his old flatmate Derek. Talk about a fit flat! Oh to be a fly on the wall in that pad. Hey, we wouldn’t care if it was littered with pizza boxes, PlayStation controllers, beer cans and dirty clothes if it has these boys in it. Derek has the same clean-cut look and rocks Box joggers like no-one else.


Now we’re entering into the autumn/winter season, we’re not sure what we’d prefer to keep us warm on those long cold nights, these Bel Ami boys or the Box fleece bottoms they’re wearing. We do know which ones are easier to get hold of, however, and both lads are now on OnlyFans so you get the best of both worlds!



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