Brent Everett – Who Is He and Where Is He Now?

Brent Everett in pool blue patterned tight swim shorts

Brent Everett goes all 90's Peter Andre on us 


What would you say the shelf-life of a porn star is? Is it like a high-octane contact sport where you get in, make the money, win the accolades and then get out before your body gives up on you? Well look no further than Brent Everett who at the ripe old age of 36 has been on the scene for 18 years.


Porn star 


Brent, whose real name is the vastly un-sexier Dustin Germaine, smashed onto the screen in 2002 when the likes of Pornhub and XTube were just a glint in a programmer’s eye. Online porn consisted of waiting while the dial-up internet chugged away long enough for you to download a saucy pic.


You could smuggle a mag out of the local news agent but sat frustratingly in front of a monitor for hours on end was most likely the only way you’d be downloading any porn.

 Brent Evertett kitchen sport socks wrestling pants high tops topless

Always a fab of bulging sportswear, Brent distracts us from looking at the bin


It was all VHS (the plastic ones, like big cassettes) and DVDs back then and they cost a fortune. Punters wouldn’t think twice about forking out £20-£50 for an hour-long porno purchased in the basement of a seedy sex shop, back when the sex industry came with a huge side-order of shame and judgement.


Born this way 


Brent was a fresh faced, well-endowed, versatile twink with a tight bod to match when he first came all over the porn scene. His trademark was, and still is, his penchant for a wrestling onesie (watch this space if you wanted to get your hands on one yourself). Since then he’s managed to cultivate a global fan following and a hugely successful website.


 Fleshlight with mouth Brent Everett signature

No it's not an alien, it's Brent's mouth in fleshlight form


A quick shufty on his site tells us you can purchase a dildo replica of his cock, a fleshlight moulded on his butthole and one terrifyingly moulded on his mouth. Ever wonder what a fleshlight would say if it could speak? Probably ‘I’m stuffed’ or ‘Next time hold the mayo!’


With over 200k followers on Twitter and 25k on Instagram, while that might not seem a lot by today’s standards, the fact he’s been around longer than some of his fans have been alive speaks volumes to an illustrious career.

 Brent Everett wedding day Steve Pena holding champagne

Brent and ex-husband Steve Pena on their big day


Wedding bells


If you thought being a porn star meant you can’t get married then you’d be wrong. Brent got hitched to boyfriend Steve Pena in 2008 and only got divorced in 2017. They were married for nearly a decade which is a lifetime in gay years and millennia if one of you is a porn star.


In May this year he made his debut on porn empire Lucas Entertainment so he’s still riding high after all these years. He also very kindly reduced his monthly subscription fee to just under $10 at the start of the pandemic and you can still subscribe at this knock down rate. Damn this guy just keeps on giving!

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