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Halloween is approaching which only means one thing for horror fanatics, time for a trip to the cinema for date night. Secondary to a gripping storyline and some jaw dropping scenes only one thing can fulfil your horror dreams, or should I say nightmares… Having a hot topless guy caught in the middle of a paranormal disaster.

Books of blood is based off one of many of Clive Barker’s books. From what we can see in the trailer, Rafi Gavron looks gorgeous as ever playing a self-professed medium. Although there is not yet a release date for Books of Blood in the UK, we’re able to see a little taster of Rafi undergoing an experiment in what seems to be some kind of psychology testing lab.

 Shirtless Hottie Horror Scene Snippet

Books of Blood Film        

Topless Books of Blood Scene        Raffi Gavron Books of Blood

Raffi Gavron Horror Film        Naked Rafi Gavron

In this scene, Mary the psychologist (played by Anna Friel) walks into a laboratory introducing ‘Simon’ (Rafi Gavron) to a crowd on people who are stood on the other side of the room from Simon separated by a glass window. As Mary pats down the naked self-professed medium, he whispers into her ear “he’s almost here”. She proceeds to explain to the group of people that “people like Simon like to prey on grief”. As the psychologist turns to Simon and says “ready whenever you are” he states that he needs complete darkness, or rather they do.

This scene then takes a turn when the room turns from light to pitch black with flickering lights. We then see a snippet of Simon being thrown against the glass. When the lights are switched back on the room that is completely white is now covered in phrases written in red and black such as “I’m not sleeping mommy” and “the other side”. Simon is then lying down in the middle of the floor in the fetal position twitching and jerking.

What is Books of Blood about?

The storyline then proceeds to take us on a journey into “uncharted and forbidden territory through three tales tangled in space and time”. Brannon Braga, otherwise known as “The Ovrille” has co-directed the film with Seth MacFarlane. Simon and Mary take us on a tale as they investigate a haunted house where Simon is attacked by paranormal beings, who leave him with the stories of their deaths carved into his flesh. If you’re not a fan of groomsmen gory scenes, we’d recommend you look away for this one.

Where & When Can You Watch Books of Blood?

Read the book and now want to see it on the big screen? Books of Blood is showing in US cinemas on 7th October. Unfortunately, it’s not been announced that it is being released in the UK, so for now we have only the trailer to go off. We hope it’s not too long before it’s announced in the UK.

The Cast of Books of Blood

Rafi Gavron – After proving himself in A Star is Born, Rafi takes on the role of Simon who is a medium to speaks to the deceased.

Anna Friel – Anna plays Mary the psychologist who is drawn in by Simon who supposedly communicates with Mary’s dead son.

Britt Robertson – Britt plays a hypersensitive young girl called Jenna who suffers from misphonia (an abhorrence of sound).

Yul Vazquez – Yul plays Bennett who is a professional killer, and with the job he’s just been offered him, and his wife would never have to work again. However, whilst undergoing this particular task he finds himself in the middle of a supernatural terror.

Well, here at Box Menswear HQ we're hoping that Books of Blood is coming to the UK so we can sit back with some popcorn and leave our own review on the Halloween horror!

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