Box Menswears Biggest Black Friday Sale Yet

It’s that time of year again and here at Box Menswear we’re mad busy prepping for Black Friday! So, if you want to get your boxers, jockstraps, swim shorts, briefs, joggers and much more for an amazing discounted price… Don’t miss out on our Black Friday Sale.


What can you expect from Box this Black Friday?


Box Menswear Black Friday Sale

Well, it would go against the excitement of the glorious event that we wait for all year if we said too much but all’s you need to know is that you will NOT want to miss it. Unless you don’t like making huge savings on your underwear and clothing?! Another note to make so that you’re ready for us, is that we do start ahead of schedule, so our tip to you would be keep an eye out!


Will there be discount on every single item?


Of course, there will be! We do Black Friday properly and this Black Friday Sale is no exception. If anything, with the terrible year we’ve had we want to treat our lovely customers even more so. Avoid the madness and do your Black Friday Shopping online. Although, it’s looking like that’s the only option anyway with Lockdown 2.0!


Some Box Menswear Top Picks to Look Out For…


All of our items will be reduced so by all means add whatever you want to your basket and you will reap the financial benefits, and thats the point of Black Friday right? Here’s a few faves from our fabulous customers.


Black Friday Mens Briefs Pink


Fact: Only real men wear pink. Your package has never looked better than when it’s bulging out of our Pink Briefs. This is because our Briefs are made with extra elasticity to enhance bulges whether you’re on the smaller side or absolutely packing down south. If you want to make the most of what you got – add some briefs to your basket this Black Friday Sale. Available in a very wide range of colours, so got nuts!


Black Friday Sale Jockstrap


Box Jockstraps are a MUST. The White Totally Transparent Varsity Mesh Jockstrap is back in stock so if you’ve been wanting to get your hands on some for a while – now is the time to get yours. Show your peachy bum off and take advantage when our Black Friday Sale begins… it could be any time now!


Mens Black Friday Boxers


Our King Fit: Evo Nude Boxers are a big hit with you guys. If you don’t already know, the King Fit range are slightly longer than our other boxers and we’re all about bringing the fit you love, so here you go! The thick black waistband has Box branding wrapped around so you can show you’re in the exclusive Box club. You know you're adding these to your Black Friday Shopping list.


Black Friday Sale Mens Shorts


Chilling? Hitting the gym? Exploring a quaint little town abroad? The Retro Thigh Cut Shorts are perfect for all occasions if you want to be super comfortable and have that premium look. Throw a pair of sliders or trainers on with yours. Extremely lightweight and breathable, this is definitely a Black Friday Purchase worth adding to your basket.


Black Friday Swimwear


Take a dip in style and look super sexy with the soft yellow swimming shorts. This Black Friday Sale we’re pulling out all the stops including our swimwear range. Have a browse through our many swimwear styles and pick the colour for you and style for you!


We’ll leave it there anyway, too much temptation could lead to pre Black Friday Shopping and we want you to indulge in our fabulous Black Friday Sale. But remember, keep a close eye on us as we’re making an early appearance!


See you then, 
Box Menswear x

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