Nick Sandell puts the XL in Uber

Nick Sandell in shower with soap

It's important to rinse, lather and release. Absolutely no connection with any shower gel brands (pic: Nick's Twitter)



Where's the Uber? 

So originally this post was centred around Nick Sandell flashing his dick in a car, however, the Tweet post was since deleted, so, we'll just share some beautiful pics of the All American Boy Next Door instead. 

Whilst he's got 1 million followers on Instagram, we chose to focus on his other social media accounts for the sexier pics. 

Nick's Bulge. 

Former / part time Personal Trainer Nick Sandell can sure fill a pair of see-through Box Menswear briefs and he’s not afraid to show his ample package to the world. His meaty manhood peeps through the mesh of the tight-fitting underwear showing just enough shape and texture to tantalise the taste buds.

Nick's Friend Dom in Mesh.


nick sandell see through underwear

See through Box Menswear undies are supportive AND saucy. Above pic is Nick's buddy Dom Blan wearing Mesh Leg KingFit ™️. We'll be featuring Dom in his very own blog post soon. Dom can be seen modelling some swimwear


Thanks to the opaque nature of his choice of Box Menswear mesh shorts, you can also tell that he’s a man that likes to keep things au naturelle when it comes to manscaping. The full seventies bush is evidently making a comeback in Scottsdale, Arizona and we’re here for it! You can’t hide much in see through undies so you may as well make a statement when you get the chance! 


Nick Sandell in shower with soap

With a body like that, who needs a head right? Nick Sandell stood totally naked in the shower showing off his muscular body. With a physique reminiscent of a Greek Spartan God, Nick's pubic hair is also on show, along with 3 horizontal lines shaved into his hair. 


Nick’s pics don’t leave much to imagination and you know what? We’re ok with that. While he might give out some fitness advice on his page, he’s absolves himself of any possible legal trouble by highlighting that he’s not a trained professional. That’s ok by us and if we happened to injure ourselves whilst checking out his rippling pecs, rock hard abs and a peachy bubble butt he can’t seem to stop showing off. 


Nick Sandell topless

 We'd like to pop that bottle and drink the contents 

Work / Werk From Home.

nick sandall butt naked


It’s fair to say that Nick’s not a big fan of clothes but he does like a loose-fitting pair of shorts. In a cheeky video post on his Twitter, he declares ‘Your Uber driver is here’ whilst wrestling with his barely contained erection, seemingly about to unleash his beast before it cuts out.  

nick sandell pubes

No it's not the seventies, Nick is a fan of a natural bush. What a great (partial) Dick Pic Nick, and what's that dripping down your chest and abs? Secret Sauce? It certainly looks like a cum shot. 


Whether or not he’s an actual Uber driver is neither here nor there but judging by how many OnlyFans subscribers he has, we’re gonna go with probably not.  We certainly wouldn’t be complaining if Nick turned up to take us to our destination. We’d even be prepared to more than 7 minutes AND give him 5 stars for a ride in his XL.

Naked Yoga? 


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