BOX OLYMPIC PROFILE: French hottie Kevin Mayer

Kevin Mayer in blue vest

 Kevin Mayer puts the phwoaaarrr in France

With quite possibly the least French-sounding name of all time, Kevin Mayer is another of this year’s hot decathlon sportsmen and we would one of, if not THE hottest guys at the whole Olympics. It’s definitely as close a competition as the games themselves what with our recent profile on Johannes Vetter. Either way, this French fancy is one of our faves and has made an athletic fan out of us!


Kevin Mayer blue vest

 Our Kev likes to keep his biceps tight and his pits smooth


Mayer followed some of his friends into Athletics and found he enjoyed the mix of disciplines that you get in the decathlon. Talking about his love of the ten sport event, Kevin said:

"I like the variety, the rhythm, and the feeling of doing different sports one after another. I also like the fact that at the start of a decathlon competition, we compete against one another, but as the competition advances we're really competing against ourselves."


Kevin Mayer blue vest

Mayer has the competition licked 

Kevin Mayer blue vest

The French blond bombshell knows a thing or two about posing


With his model good looks and ripped muscles, he’s also not shy of whipping off his vest so we can all get an eyeful of his washboard abs. He’s very giving that way, as we found out in 2018 when he staged the Mayer Experience in St-Jean-de-Monts, France, which was an adapted decathlon camp set on the beach. 


kevin mayer topless with flag

The flag says it all and Kevin wants to celebrate his win

 Kevin Mayer topless french flag

With bulging pecs and rock hard abs, Kev is a smooth operator  


His aim was to make the discipline more accessible to potential decathlon athletes. The first camp was attended by 200 people, and in 2019 he staged the second edition in Cannes, France saying at the time: "I had the idea of taking decathlon away from the stadium, to adapt the events to every level of practice and to do the entire programme in just one day."


Kevin Mayer press pics

He maybe veiny but Mayer is definitely not vain! 

In 2020 he published his first autobiography entitled 'Mes 10 commandements' (translated as: My 10 Commandments] and his girlfriend Delphine Jariel has represented France in sailing and competed in RS:X at the 2019 Class World Championships in Torbole, Italy. 


He’s not exactly arrogant either though, despite his looks and wealth of skills, saying: "I am an eternal self-critic. In decathlon you cannot master everything, so you have to learn fast.”

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