BOX OLYMPIC PROFILE: Javelin hunk Johannes Vetter

johannes vetter throws javelin

Johannes Vetter is a German (not Greek) god on the athletics field


The Olympics may be over but the hotness of Johannes Vetter just goes on and on. As we said in our look at the Decathlon, the javelin takes a huge amount of upper body strength and it doesn’t take a detective to see our man Johannes has bulging pecs and killer biceps in spades.


johannes vetter back tattoo

We are living for Johannes Olympic themed back tats


The hunky German reportedly had bags of energy when he was young so his folks though athletics would be a good idea for him. Hailing from Offenbur, he took up the javelin and never looked back coming 4th in the Rio 2016 Olympics and then 1st in World Championships in London 2017. It also helps that he’s rather easy on the eye with dashing good looks as well as a rippling torso.


johannes vetter vest and muslces

Oof, we would defo love to see his meat javelin and no mistake 


Vetter moved to the gorgeous Dresden in 2014 and then in 2019 he was elected to the Offenburg local council as an independent representative. Talking about his political aspirations, he said "I have always been very interested in politics. It's nice not just to experience politics, but to help shape it yourself. I think it is a shame if you only complain and complain but don't want to do anything. Of course I'm inexperienced, but like sport I will give it my all.’


johannes vetter vest and muslces


We’re also wishing we lived in Germany as he also does not rule out a bigger role in politics once he has retired from his sporting career saying:  "I will see how it goes at this level and then take a decision, but it certainly is not something that I would say no to.” He makes the likes of Boris Johnson and Joe Biden look like, well... themselves! Vetter for PM!


johannes vetter vest and muslces

Hello Johannes! Haircut all did and muscles on point. 

johannes vetter vest and muslces

Show us those pits Vetter! 

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