BOX OLYMPIC PROFILE: Germany's Niklas Kaul

Niklas Kaul throws the shot put

Wish shoulders and biceps like that, no wonder Nik can chuck a ball


When it comes to the decathlon, you don’t get much better than Niklas Kaul. The 23-year-old German is a power house when it comes to the ten-sport discipline that has most athletes quaking in their spiky Nikes.



The musclebound hottie Niklas was eighth in the World Athletics Challenge Combined Events and won the world title in Doha setting himself up nicely for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.



So what sports are in a decathlon anyway? Clearly it’s the most demanding of all the track and field events and athletes are going to have their strengths and weaknesses depending on strength, speed and stamina.


Niklas Kaul lies on ground

Sometimes it all just gets a bit too much in Athletics


The event is set over 2 days and is as physically demanding as it sounds so you have to be fit as possible like our man Niklaus here who packs a punch as much as he packs his tight sport shorts.  



First up on day one you have your common or garden 100 metres. Sprint as fast as you can and imagine you’re Usain Bolt. If you’re a good sprinter you can build some points up right at the start before you head over to the long jump. Athletes can be prepared for some sand in their britches when they do the long jump but it definitely looks like the most fun of all sports.


Niklas Kaul shouts in vest

Kaul fills out a vest , and a pair of tight shorts


Next up is the pure strength of the shot put, where bulging biceps come in super handy along with a bit of heft - something that you don’t really want for the high jump coming up next. Big thighs and giant muscles ain’t gonna help you when you’re trying to fly in the air! Kaul is clearly the perfect all-rounder which he why he can ace the 400 metres as well. You have to have no fact on you whatsoever to do well in the running parts of the decathlon that’s for sure.


Niklas Kaul showing arm pits

Even when things don't go to plan, its important to look fit 


Day two is lot more fun to watch in our book. We’re talking poles, and discs and spears people! After the relatively snoresome hurdles, It’s discus throwing for which you need that upper body strength. Same goes for the pole vault which always gives us the willies. How a single pole moving at top speed can support a grown ass man is beyond us.


Niklas Kaul vest shouting

All sinews and teeth, Niklaus is a passionate athlete


Niklas clearly excels at all of these but our particular fave is the javelin as you need to be hench in order to get that massive stick flying. With some crazy long throws we’re surprised these guys have anything left in the tank for the last discipline, the 1500 metres.


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