BOX PROFILE: Hot Brit Anthony Watson

Anthony Watson white kit thick legs holds ball

The legs have it, Watson show us what he's made of!

Anthony Watson white kit thick legs pecs

When you've got such thick thighs, you need short shorts  


Born in Ashford in Surrey, handsome Anthony Watson now plays for Bath Rugby club as well as for the national team since 2014. The 6 foot 2 hunk plays full back for the British and Irish Lions as well since 2017 showing us his physical prowess on and off the pitch.


Anthony Watson white kit thick legs pecs

Top marks for Anthony's significant bulge

Anthony Watson white kit thick legs ball

 Packing more than a punch on the pitch


The 27-year-old displays his thick thighs and tight shorts winning him plenty of fans. Being good at rugby and being fit clearly runs in the family too as his brother Marcus plays for the Wasps.



Unfortunately he has been beset with injury in the last few years, experts said: “It’s very tough for him. He has already had his scan, he has already seen the specialist, and now there is a plan in place. It is a long-term knee injury. We have heard of it many times before.”


Anthony Watson blue top headshot

We're loving Watson's style and his gleaming gnashers!

Anthony Watson white kit thick legs pecs

Oof those thighs are thicker that his head! 


Sadly he’s had to miss out on a few matches and the expert continued: “If I know one thing about Anthony, he will be looking to break records as to how quickly he can get back from it. We’ve got some direction now, and he will be motivated to get back as quickly as possible. People are gutted for him. He is a quality player and he is a very well-respected and well-liked bloke and people will be disappointed for him. The lads will be determined to play well for him.”


Anthony Watson white kit thick legs pecs

Big arms and pecs are the order of the day with Anthony

Anthony Watson white kit thick legs scores try

'Please don't leave me!' We know the feeling mate 

Watson wasn’t on the scene long before he was snapped up, dating American events planner Alyse Miller. She went to Florida International University and he said of her: "My partner Alyse has been awesome keeping my morale high. It’s been tough dealing with me bed-bound and miserable but she’s passed with flying colours!”


Anthony Watson yellow top pecs biceps

Good and veiny arms are proof of Watson's fitness

Anthony Watson white kit thick legs pecs

Could Anthony Watson have the perfect thighs on rugby?

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