BOX PROFILE - NFL Star Cam Newton

Cam Newton with face mask blue red top white hairband

NFL hottie Cam Newton giving his best smoulder 

Cam newton on pitch with helmet and blue red kit

Stretching it out - Cam puts his thick thighs to good use


Cameron Jerrell Newton, 31, has been playing in the NFL since 2011 and at 6’5, he is a huge presence in the sport, currently playing for the New England Patriots, he often high up in list of the hottest players on the pitch.


cam Newton bulging pants playing football

Newton proves why he's one of the sexiest players around in his bulging kit

Cam newton hair in top knot red hoodie

Cam handles the ball with a giant grin on his face


Nicknamed ‘Super Cam’ he is a beefed-up quarterback that’s been voted Most Valuable Player multiple times.


Born in Atlanta, the sexy man mountain was a talented basketball and baseball player before trying his huge hands at American football.


cam newton stretches on the pitch in blue and red kit

Feeling the burn - Cam keeps his buns in check 

Cam Newton blue top throwing the ball Passing it backward - Cam on the pitch  

Cam smiles at the camera red blue white hairband

Cam knows how to work a cam


Newton’s a bit of a bad boy off the pitch getting an Instagram model pregnant before his long-term girlfriend was about to have their fourth child. They split soon after.


cam newton with bulging tum Newton's hot pot belly and bulging pants keep all eyes on him  

Cam newton smiles at camera in ble and red kit

Wet and wild after a win for the Patriots 

cam newton playing with fellow player

 Feeling the love on the pitch with fellow NFL player

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