BOX PROFILE: NFL's Bearded Bro Julian Edelman

NFL Julian Edelman bearded white 11 top


Julian Edelman on the pitch playing hard for the patriots with arms to match  


At 5’10 Julian is one of the shortest players in our round up of NFL player profiles but he’s definitely one of the sexiest. The 35-year-old was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in California and went to Kent State University.


Julian Edelman blue top white 11

Edelman's number 11 flaunts his impeccable biceps


He spent his 12 years in the NFL with the New England Patriots before announcing his retirement in April 2021. Another Box Profile subject Cam Newton expressed his affection for Edelman and said that he would miss him.


Julian Edelman playing on the field white top

Caught red handed - Edelman puts his best arm first  

Julian Edelman looks right blue red stripes

Did you know you're not allowed in the NFL unless you can smoulder


Outside of American football, Edelman wrote the kids book 'Flying High', about a squirrel named Jules who learns to overcome his physical limitations through hard work and the assistance of a goat named Tom. He also released a memoir Relentless 2017.


Julian Edelman blue number 11 in white

Collecting the cheers - Julian's displays his mighty muscles  

Julian Edelman blue number 11 in white muscle arms

We're pretty sure he's got 'I'm a Little Teapot' wrong but we appreciate the effort... and the bulge!


Julian manages to pull off a baby face and a killer beard quite so making this guy a spiked shoo-in as one of the hottest former players. He’s appeared on various TV shows including America’s Next Top Model. He is a father of one after a casual affair with a Swedish model Ella Rose 


Julian Edelman blue number 11 in white muscle arms

 Now this is the sort of angle we could get used to!


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