BOX PROFILE: Rugby's Cheeky Cam Dolan

Cam Dolan white and blue shirt

Go cam go! Hot n sweaty just as we like it.


Born in Florida, USA, Cam Dolan is that rarest of beasts, an American rugby union player. Or so you’d think. College rugby is fast spreading over the States and is in fact the fastest growing sport in the country.


cam dolan white and blue top holds ball

Ahem - bulging pants and a man pointing in the right direction...

cam dolan white and blue top

Lookin' smoooooth and veiny in Cam's press shots


The 31-year-old weighs in at a WHOPPING 18 stone and is 6ft 6 so clearly a man mountain. With giant arms and meaty thick legs he is a prime piece of American beef that would tower over any of us on the pitch as well as in the locker room.



cam dolan navy top and shorts big thighs

Gizza hug! Rugby is and always will be a contact sport 

cam dolan navy and red top

Heads, shoulders, knees and thick thighs. 


Dolan usually plays flanker, number 8 or lock so you certainly cannot say he’s not versatile as well as hot. He plays pro rugby for the NOLA Gold since 2018 in the Major League Rugby, he also played professionally outside of the USA for the national team and was named by Rugby Magazine as the American Breakout Player of the Year in 2013.



cam dolan green black and yellow top

Looking super cute and handsome, Cam on the pitch

cam dolan white top and shorts

Bulging arms and shorts are par for the course with Cam-tastic 



Word on the street is that sexy Cam is single and he has already played for British clubs Northampton, Nottingham AND Cardiff so he’ll have met his fair share of Brits, none of whom seem to have caught his eye… yet.


cam dolan light blue top flying with rugby ball

Flying without wings! Never see pure beef in the air like Cam. 

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