BOX PROFILE: Team Italia's Dean Budd

Dean budd grey top press conference

 Dean Budd's rough and ready look is a winner in Italy


One thing we love about rugby lads is that chunky physique. You don't have to be toned and and muscle bound to be a professional player, but you do need to be strong and heavy! Step forward Dean Budd who, despite the very British sounding name, plays for Team Italia. 



Dean Budd blue top and shorts

 Bulges in all the right places, including that sexy Budd belly 

Dean Budd on rugby pitch green top

In action on the rugby pitch, Dean's a power house 


He might sound like a Brit and play for Italy but Dean was born in New Zealand in 1986, Whangarai to be exact. The 35-year-old is quite the unit at 6ft 5 and a whopping 17stone, just the right height and build to play Lock (which is part of second row of the scrum and take incredible brute strength and skill).


Dean Budd blue top white shorts

 Dean Budd using those thick thighs, even if bandaged up

Dean Budd blue top white shorts

Budd means business ad those bulging  


After playing pro rugby in New Zealand, he emigrated to Italy in 2012 to play for Benetton and then by way of residency, was eligible to play for the national team in 2015. Quite the fittie, we’re not exactly sure why he chose to up sticks and move to Italy.


Dean Budd action shot

Throwing some shapes on the pitch like its a wedding  


Like everyone else, he was affected by the pandemic hugely and talked about his lockdown life in Treviso. He was interview near the start of the pandemic when it was particularly scary in Italy and he tried to be in high spirits, saying how he was coped:


Dean Budd blue top and shorts

 Definitely a bearded beauty, with the emphasis on the bear


“Sleep in as long as possible just to make the day go by as fast as possible. The girlfriend and I, she’s painting most of the day, and I’m playing PlayStation. We’ve all been kind of tarnished by this coronavirus brush. We don’t know the implications and things are getting worse day by day. That’s a kind of scary aspect of it.”


Dean Budd blue top folded arms

 This years entrance to the Apprentice - Dean Budd! 

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