BOX PROFILE: Uruguay Rugby Andrés Vilaseca

Andrés Vilaseca light blue top

 Hooray for Andres Vilaseca! We would definitely cheer for those big biceps!


Andres Vilaseca Hontou was born and raised in Montevideo and is clearly form some good stick. Weighing in at a hefty 213lb and measuring an impressive 6ft 1in, this 30-year old is an impressive mountain of man that matched the landscape of his native Uruguay.


Andrés Vilaseca crawling on pitch blue top ball

Ooh you can't go wrong with veiny arms like Andre's 

 Andrés Vilaseca blue top white shorts rugby ball

Rugby is a contact sport this guy can't get enough of Andre's sweaty pits!

Debuting those hefty muscles and thick rugby thighs in 2013 playing for the national team in his hometown of Montevideo, Andres plays wing and has some impressive stats on and off the field.


Andrés Vilaseca blue top ball

 Andrés Vilaseca should have a license for these guns


He is the younger brother of Santiago Vilaseca who also is pretty fine and was captain of Uruguay at the Rugby World Championship in 2015 and earlier this year, Andres was named as the new captain of the national team, following in his brother’s footsteps.


Andrés Vilaseca blue top ball pitch falling

 There's no point trying (we have) you can't quit see up those shorts


One thing that’s for sure is that he has model good looks and can fill a pair of short shorts front AND back. With his massive pecs and huge veiny biceps he’s definitely one of the fittest players in international rugby.


Andrés Vilaseca blue top muscles arms

Giving us some soft focus action to look into those dreamy eyes


As far as we know he’s single but if he’s keeping someone secret or under wraps then they are surely one lucky person if he’s as powerful between the sheets as he is on the pitch.


 Andrés Vilaseca muscle top blue

Andres giving us pure unadulterated rugby pose hotness

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