BOX talks to Calvin and Cory Boling

Your wish is BOX Menswear’s command. We sat down with The Boling twins (Calvin and Cory) to find out everything we can about them.

Hey guys, nice to meet you both, so let’s start off simple, introduce yourselves.

Calvin: Hey am Calvin Boling. My Instagram is @calvin_boling

Cory: Hey my name is Cory Boling. My Instagram is @cory_boling

Calvin: We live in Oklahoma and we are both 20 years old.


How often do you buy new underwear?

Calvin: Well, every few months we usually buy new underwear, but when BOX sent us some we were like wow this is amazing.

Cory: Yes, it was mind blowing for sure. We are so happy with BOX Underwear.


What is most important when purchasing underwear? Comfort or style? 

Calvin: Erm, I’d say comfort

Cory: Yeah, me too.

Calvin: Style is great, it’s always great to have style. But comfort defiantly matters the most, if you’re wearing it all day it has to be comfortable.

Cory: exactly, it’s the most important part.


Do either of you ever go commando?

 Calvin: Yeah *laughs*

Cory: *laughs* Sometimes.


What is the longest you have ever went without changing your underwear?

Cory: *laughs* Probably like a day. What about you Calvin?

Calvin: Yeah, maybe 2 days the most.


So, being twins, do you ever finish each other’s sentences?

Calvin: Yes, all the time

Cory: All the time.

Calvin: Yes, I was about to say that *laughs*


Can you read each other’s minds?

Calvin: Basically, yeah like, whenever we are doing physical activities, say like basketball. We know each other’s thoughts, you pass this way, and I will be over there to catch it.

Cory: We know what to do right away.


Did you ever switch classes in school?

Cory: Oh Yeah

Calvin: In elementary and middle school we did but we didn’t go past that.


Have you ever switched dates?

Calvin: No, no we haven’t done that.

Cory: Nope, we are yet to do that.


That’s one for you both to try

Cory:  *laughs* yes maybe we should


Do you share each other’s clothes?

Calvin: oh yes.

Cory: For sure yes, we share all of each other’s clothes

Calvin: We share wardrobes


We would too if we have a twin.

How short does your swimming shorts have to be?

Calvin: Like swimming trunks?

Cory: I like them short.

Calvin: *stands up and demonstrates on self* I like mine to be about here.

Cory: yes, that’s about right, nice and short.


Ok so, now we have some English words and we want to see if you both know what they are.

Calvin: *laughs* Ok

Cory: Sure


A Rubber

Calvin: a what?

Cory: a Romba?


Rubber, R U B B E R

Calvin: oh yes, we know what a rubber is, like plastic.

Cory: *laughs*


A rubber is what we use to rub out a pencil, you would call it an eraser.

Calvin: oh okay

Cory: We didn’t know it was that

Calvin: But now we do.


A Nappy

Calvin: did you say napkin?

Cory: I have no idea


It’s a diaper, a baby’s diaper

Calvin: oh, a baby diaper       

Cory: okay yeah


A Shag?

Calvin: *laughs* nope?

Cory: *laughs* I honestly have no idea


Okay we will tell you…It means to have sex

Calvin: *laughs* alright

Cory: *laughs*  Ahh okay


A Dummy?

Calvin: someone who is dumb?

Cory: an idiot?


It’s what you would call a pacifier

Cory: *laughs* Ooooooh

Calvin: We didn’t know that


Do you prefer soccer or football?

Cory: Football for me

Calvin: Yes, definitely football


Okay cool. So, let’s talk about your future hopes and aspirations, what are they?

Calvin: Well, we didn’t think about modelling until about a year ago. Because we was wrestlers we was going to wrestle in college but then I had a shoulder surgery.

Cory:  And I got one too.

Calvin: yeah, he had one as well, I guess that’s a twin thing.

Cory: yeah it is.

Calvin: and then so, we were like we want to do something else. People always told us we have great physiques so why not model? So, we both started modelling and it just took off, like 5 months ago. Our goal now is to become good models and possibly even act in the future.

Cory: Yeah, that would be a dream to sign to a big agency.


How has modelling been so far for you both?

Cory: Yeah, it’s really worthwhile.

Calvin: Yeah, we have a portfolio and we are looking for an agency to sign up with. So we are hoping for the best right now but it’s going well and we like it a lot.


Do you want to stay modelling together or would you separate?

Calvin: Oh, we are a package deal.

Cory: Yes, we are together forever.


Good, we like you together. Some cliché twin questions then, who done better in school?

Cory: I’d say we was even, based on the classes.


Who is the tidiest and who is the messiest?

Calvin: I’m the tidiest, for sure.

Cory: On different occasions


Who is the oldest?

Cory: He is older.

Together: By 20 minutes


Who is the favourite with your parents?

Cory: *laughs* I’m the favourite


Why are you the favourite Cory?

Cory: Honestly, I’ve never knew.

Calvin: I think it’s because, I always wanted to do my own thing, and he would just stay at home

Cory: Yeah, I spent a lot more time with my mom.


Moving forward to the future, do you guys plan on staying together, living together?

Calvin: We have thought about moving out, but honestly, we have been together our whole life, so we don’t know how that would be if we were separated. Even in terms of modelling, if an agency picked me up and not him, I don’t know how I’d be being somewhere all across the world and not with him.

Cory: I would probably go with him.


Great, we hope you stay together. Before we go, do you prefer boxers or briefs?

Cory: Boxers for me

Calvin: Erm, yeah boxers for sure.

Good! Right then gents, thanks so much for chatting to us at BOX Menswear. Have a lovely day, and we hope to catch up soon with you both.


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