Brent Corrigan – Who Is He and Where Is He Now?

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Not long ago we took a look back (and forward) into the life and career of Brent Everett. This time we turn to one of his erstwhile porn partners in crime and what we found could make a documentary all on its own. Sex, drugs, murder, it’s all here when we ask – who is Brent Corrigan and where is he now?


Face for film


When we say his story would make a good documentary, what it has been made into is a movie called King Cobra. Released in 2016 and starring the likes of James Franco and Christian Slater with Garrett Clayton in the lead role of Corrigan.


When the film was first released, Corrigan denounced it on various social media platforms for taking liberties with his life story and portraying the gay porn world in a negative light. Perhaps he’s never a seen a biopic as isn’t that what they’re supposed to do for ‘dramatic purposes’? Having a movie made about your life starring James Franco by your 30th birthday doesn’t sound too bad to us!


James Franco in white shirt and blue jacket

Full on DILF James Franco is reason enough to watch the movie


Let’s rewind a little however. Brent Corrigan is the stage name for Sean Paul Lockhart who was born in 1986 in Idaho. He was introduced to the gay porn industry by a former boyfriend which is how he met Bryan Kocis who owned Cobra Video with whom Lockhart signed. He entered into a sexual relationship with Kocis and later admitted that he had been 17 at the time and therefore below the legal limit to act in pornography.


Amazing story 


What followed was depicted in the movie and the book it was based on ‘Cobra Killer: Gay Porn, Murder, and the Manhunt to Bring the Killers to Justice’ by Andrew E. Stoner and Peter A. Conway, as he fought to keep his name. So far, so ‘What’s Love Got TO Do With It’.


Things take a turn for the macabre however when Kocis is murdered, a crime for which hustlers Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes were tried and convicted of, both receiving life sentences. Lockhart gave evidence for the prosecution in the case. Lockhart kept the name Brent Corrigan and continues to star in porn for Cobra as well as various other production companies.  


Brent Corrigan reclines on armchair in white pants

Corrigan returned to the world of porn 


In 2010 Lockhart announced his retirement from porn and wanted to concentrate more on LGBTQ cinema, starring in independent movies such as Judas Kiss and Sister Mary. He also tried his hand at directing as well before returning to porn in 2016 with Falcon Studios where he continues to star in adult films to this day.


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