Brit Adam Peaty Gets Gold

adam peaty flexes musclesAdam Peaty topless and tattoos

Adam Peaty (above) shows off his massive muscles on full display in Tokyo


Swimmer Adam Peaty has won a gold medal in for Team GB in the 100-metre breast stroke. He is the first British swimmer to win gold in back to back games having also won gold in Rio 2016.


Peaty is head and shoulders (and huge pecs) above every other swimmer in the world when it comes to breast stroke, in fact he’s the best in the sport’s history.



adam peaty winning gold medal

Adam proudly wears his sparkly new gold medal

Adam peaty dives into pool red swim cap

Takin to the pool like a duck to water, or should that be a frog with his perfect breast stroke?


With his giant pecs and huge biceps on full display, Peaty proved why he’s as much of a pin up as he is a professional. He even was rocking a bit of ginger tache as well as some teeny tiny trunks that Tom Daley would be proud of.


Peaty came onto the world stage back in 2016 when he won his first Olympic gold but he’s actually been world champion 8 times, 16 times European and 6 times Commonwealth champion.  He is the holder of the world record in 50 metre and 100 metre breaststroke events as well.


Adam peaty in pool shaved head

Pro swimmers tend to shave ever last bit of hair off their body to minimise resistance

Adam peaty by pool topless tattoos

Ok maybe not always - we're loving the sexy fuzz and the 'tache after Peaty said he forgot to shave


Just like Tom Daley, Adam is a recent father having had a son back in September 2020 with his girlfriend Eirianedd Munro whom he met when he was training at Loughborough University. Having that little family to go back to gives Adam more strength to put his heart and soul in his swimming.


Adam peaty by pool red swim cap

Sometimes you just have to wear some wetsuit shorts rather than the skimpies

Adam peaty by pool topless tattoos

We also love Adam's sexy tats, he's as hot out of the water as he is in it


So why is he so good? Well, that’s even more interesting. He’s not particularly good at other strokes but is physiologically adapted to the breast stroke. Like Michael Phelps before him, he has been described as ‘an anatomical freak’ due to his height which is 6ft 3 and has huge hands and feet. He can hyper extend his knees for extra kicking and is double jointed in his knees and ankles.


Adam peaty by pool topless tattoos

We love that ginger tache a bit too much...


It begs the question, how did he find all these things out? How many of us could have been Olympic champions if we’d only found the right sport? Food for thought. For now though lets marvel at Adam and his amazing win.


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