Butts now allowed on Grindr profiles!

box model checks himself out in the mirror

Here's lookin at you, cheeky.


So long have we wondered what is and what isn’t allowed on ‘dating’ app Grindr. Non-stop ‘hey’s with no response are definitely allowed. Ghosting? Oh for sure! Blank profiles are fine of course as are pics form before the pandemic when you actually went to the gym and didn’t fill your face with booze and food.


It's all a-butt you


What has NOT been allowed however is pictures of your ass in your profile pic. Suggestive pics yes that’s fine or ones in undies like the lovely lads have on here, all good. But naked bums? Oh heavens no, UNTIL NOW!! So get on your phone and find your best butt pics as things ae about to get CHEEKY in Grindrverse. Or should that be Grindr-vers/top/btm?



model in green box undies

Here's a man who can fill out the back of a Box


Last week, Grindr quietly announced the big news on a blog post, saying: “When creating our rules and guidelines, we concentrated first on ways to remove bias and discrimination from the moderation process as much as possible. We recognize that assessments of how sexual a photo is can be influenced by common gender biases: how much skin someone shows, how much body hair they are expected to have, how the fat on their body is distributed, etc.”


box model spreads ass leaning against mirror

Junk is definitely in this guy's trunk 


Ummm ok. That’s a bit confusing but just in case you were still wondering, they provided some handy infographics that tell you all you need to know, which of course e have for you right here:


Infographic from grindr

Infographic from grindr

If you still need clarification after those handy pics, they got a bit more specific about the ass snaps. Grindr continued: “If they are non-graphic and without an overly sexual context” and “people of all bodies (all ethnicities, all sizes, all genders, and all identities) expressing their sexuality joyfully” as they hook up.”


Can I park my bike there? 


So there you have it. If you are a chap that know what good ASSets he has and you think you can get the lads frothing at the mouth with you beautiful bussy, now is the time to reload your Grindr and get that things filled in. The profile we mean, get your mind outthe gutter!

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