Can I Wear a Jockstrap?

Originally designed for bicycle messengers and athletes, Jockstraps have now made their way to the wardrobes of many modern men. Jockstraps provide you with a snug lift and are also comfortable- unlike most thongs made for men.

Box Model wearing Pink Crotched Jockstrap


When it comes to men protecting their genitals, the struggle has been an enduring one. Jockstraps come with the infamous guard that was previously meant to save athletes and sportsmen from unwanted pain and discomfort. However now, these optimal lifting undergarments have become increasingly popular among men. Men, who are no longer afraid or hesitant to leave on the boring boxers behind.

A jockstrap is an exciting change in one's wardrobe and men are finally ready to try it out.

Can I Wear a Jockstrap?

To answer the question “can I wear a jockstrap? We will not need too many words. There is only one right and straightforward answer to this question. YES, you most definitely can wear a jockstrap!

So who can wear a Jockstrap?

Anyone can wear it, regardless of gender or body type. These are made to protect your genitals while providing maximum support and a snug fit. And to put the cherry on the top, it will make your thighs look more lifted.

So yes, anyone can wear them especially if you love trying out quirky and fun things and your wardrobe needs an exciting spin.

Why should I try wearing a Jockstrap?

The real question, however, is why would anyone want to wear a jockstrap? To this, we have a lot of answers.

Let's dive straight into it. There is nothing more embarrassing than your boy quietly slipping out of your underwear mid-conversation or in public. With a jockstrap, you will never have to face this problem ever again. These are designed with two elastics, non-binding waist straps that run left and right to the base of the frontal pouch. Jockstrap basically conforms to your natural size and provides you ample support without the weight of all the excess fabric.

Not only this, but you can say a forever bye to the wedgies.

We all look for maximum comfort and mobility when buying undergarments. Since jockstraps don’t have that extra fabric on the back and the elastics fit perfectly to the natural contours of your groin area, they provide maximum comfort. Men have now realised the versatility of jockstraps and have adopted them in their daily life for gym, training, and all kinds of uses.

Jockstrap features a non-binding waist that can add definition to any outfit by removing any unwanted bulges or unflattering pant lines. You can wear a jockstrap and forget that you are even wearing one. What could be better than this?

If these reasons are still not enough for you to change your mind about this fabulous piece of undergarment, then wait, cause we have some more. If you have been longing to improve your exercise performance pulled down by the uncomfortable underpants, then that’s out of the way as well. They are breathable, comfortable, and sexy.

Where do I start when looking for a Jockstrap?!

Well, have no fear, Box Menswear is here. With the biggest collection of Jockstraps we have ever seen, the possibilities are endless. 

Lets start with the OG, the go-to and the Jock for the die-hard Box fan, Box's classic Jockstrap is the perfect place to start if you are unsure where to start. Available in a variety of striking block colours and all with their supportive and high quality waistband, you really will fall in love with wearing a Jockstrap with the classic. 

Box model wearing White Classic Jockstrap

However, if you are feeling more risqué and frisky then you need to take a look at the Suspender Jock collection.  With added straps which give the look of wearing suspenders, this Jock will be a huge hit in the bedroom, and give you the confidence and support you need if you fancy wearing it under your suit for your normal working day! 

Box Model wearing Navy Suspender Jockstrap

So, to answer your question, you CAN wear a jockstrap no matter your age, bodyshape or sexual orientation. The best place to start would be to take a look at the entire collection available at Box Menswear, and you can thank us later. 



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