Sexiest GAA Men: Eoin Cadogan

Sexiest GAA Men: Eoin Cadogan

Oh boy, do we have a treat for you today?  If you enjoyed our profile on Mitchell Duke, you are about to lose your mind today.

Born 1st September 1986, this absolute Irish hunk is a hurler and Gaelic footballer who plays for Cork Senior Championship club Douglas and at inter-county level with the Cork senior hurling team. 

Here we can see him mid-swing as his muscles perfectly fill out his fitted green kit. There's something about the way those shorts fit that drives us crazy!  He'd look tasty in some tight Lil boxers, that's for sure.

Reaching a professional level in any field is a considerably hard task, let alone the discipline and rigorous training that sport requires. Now if you thought that is impressive, Eoin and his fine ass have only gone and done so in two sports (football and hurling).


Above: Eoin Cadogan pictured in what seems to be a physical interaction with the goalkeeper and looking real good in those shorts. All I'm saying is that it'd be fun to be the dude in green in this situation that's for sure. Lucky sod.

Above: Cadogan is seen here getting in the oppositions grill. No doubt letting them know all the ways they're going to get dominated. In the game. Probably... right?


Above: Cadogan putting in WERK! Seen here in a neon green tank top and navy exercise trunks. Apparently you cannot just eat out your way to health. 

Above: Eoin Cadogan getting ready for the match ahead in his green team shorts and black training shirt. A tremendous display of power in those thighs.
Above: Also seen getting hot and sweaty with a fellow teammate in their tight fit neon training gear. Cadogan with his muscled arms on display in the pink HI-Vis number 16.


From the bus to the game; Eoin Cadogan sporting an all-white kit with neon shorts and pink accents as he leads his team out the tunnel into the game ahead. 

What’s he doing now

Having had some pretty cool opportunities to play in All-Ireland finals in football and play in All-Ireland semi-finals with some of the top players, we were curious to see what else he has been up too. When he is not bulging out his tight-fitting clothing.


Above: Pictured getting his degree from Setanta Sports College. So now he's a gorgeous incredibly talented hunk AND smart. Lord help I cannot cope!


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In it for the long haul 🙌🏽

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Above: Thanks to our state of the art research facility, we have been able to locate this gem. Cadogan holding hands with his precious pup. SO ADORABLE. Why does this make him 10x sexier, sigh?


Above: Eoin in the gym. Seen here in another fitted red and white vest with black performance shorts on. Apparently the key to a good workout is milk, and not in the way you would suspect.  


Above: Cadogan spotted again in the gym, this time resting between sets in a short sleeve grey sports top and black shorts. 

Above: We thought we'd highlight the full spectrum of Eoin's swag. First seen in a bright yellow shirt showing support for one of Irelands top energy providers. Also seen repping a blackout outfit in front of a mean-looking Audi. 


 Above: Thought we could end this with a treat. Cadogan out by the freshwater in nothing but tight black swimming shorts.


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