Euphoria Actor Jacob Elordi Wows In New Calvin Campaign

Jacob Elordi in navy sweater touching watch

Oh my lordi, it's Jacob Elordi! 


While of course we ALL know what the best make of undies are, that’s not to say we don’t appreciate it when a hottie turns up packing out his boxers for all to see.


Step forward Jacob Elordi who skyrocketed to fame in the Netflix series The Kissing Booth. If you’ve not seen it, it’s tip top teen angst fodder at its finest and was a clearly a big hit for Netflix as they commissioned a sequel, The Kissing Booth 2 (where do they GET these names?)  which came out in July last year.


jacob elordi reclining in black and white

Mr Elordi displaying those thick thighs and bulging boxers. Copyright Calvin Klein 


If sun soaked Californian vistas and a plot you could write on the back of your napkin is your jam then you’ll love both flicks. Pandemic escapism does strange things to the human brain and who are we to judge if you’re in love with a schmaltzy teen flick aimed at pre-pubescents? You do you and all that.


Third times the charm 


A third one…you guessed it The Kissing Booth 3 is currently in production and will be out later in the year.


More importantly he’s in the actually awesome Euphoria which burst onto our screens in 2019. It’s been praised for its LGBTQ+ inclusivity, for the star Zendaya’s acting and was even nominated for a TV BAFTA. Jacob plays the hot jock Nate Jacobs just in case you were going to dip in.



Jacob Elordi in calvin klein pants and no top

Oops we caught Jacob pulling off his pants in the locker room!  Copyright Calvin Klein


If you’d rather drive needles into your eyes than watch such a movie, you can rest assured that that the eye candy makes up for the two hours you’ll never get back. This comes in the shape of Mr Elordi who is to The Kissing Booth series what Robert Pattinson was to the Twilight saga. Or alternatively just dive into Euphoria which is a much better use of your viewing time although there’s less Jacob in it.


The new R-Patz


Elordi is a huge 6foot 5 and at just 22 he has already been in a campaign in 2019 for Calvin Klein which was more ‘cheeky boy next door’ where as this one is definitely more your sophisticated demigod. After getting snapped up by the legendary company, he starred in the 2019 campaign along with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Beth Ditto and Diplo.


Jacob Elordi black and white for Clavin Klein

Serving James Dean realness for the new Calvin Klein SS2021 collection


Jacob comes from Brisbane in Australia which is often affectionately referred to as Brisneyland or Bris Vegas due to is bustling nightlife and exciting hangouts. In this new CK Spring/Summer 2021 campaign for the label, he’s giving us surfer vibes and hot, sweaty muscles that should come with a health warning.


So, who goes out with this dishevelled James Dean-alike? Well, he used to date his The Kissing Booth co-star Joey King but that’s seemed somewhat short lived, he was linked to Zendaya but is now rumoured to be dating Kaia Gerber, none other than Cindy Crawford’s mini-me daughter. Phew, we can keep up with this guy!


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