Footballers in Underwear

What’s better than a gorgeous footballer running around chasing a ball getting hot and sweaty? Not much. But when they show what they’re wearing beneath their football shorts – it sure is a treat. Check out footballers who have their underwear on show whilst on the pitch, in the changing rooms, whilst getting medical attention or even in the comfort of their own homes. From waistband boxers on Raheem Sterling to Luis Alberto being checked whilst wearing briefs in recovery.

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling showing his underwear on the pitch

Raheem Sterling walking across the pitch holding his football shirt up against his face as if he’s wiping sweat away. The lifted shirt allows us to see not only his lower back and stomach but also the waistband on his boxers. We’re able to catch a glimpse top of his lovely peachy bum.

That’s just perfect, thanks Raheem. His low hanging sports shorts are definitely a vibe. Partly because it looks cool and mostly because we get a look in at his bottom.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dripping wet with his muscles showing through his top

Cristiano Ronaldo looking extra wet in his soaked-through football kit showing off his chiselled pectorals and hard nipples. But what we’re most interested in is his drenched crotch area which outlines his package.

We’ve all seen Cristiano Ronaldo’s hot bod in his revealing Instagram posts but there’s something about this action shot that we really love. Maybe it’s the rain or the light bouncing off his jaw line. He is super sexy from head to toe here. 

Jonathan Dos Santos

Jonathan Dos Santos posing for picture upon victory with his team LA Galaxy

The LA Galaxy squad posing for a picture after a victory. Jonathan Dos Santos looking extremely happy crouched down at the front with something but a sock and sliders combo, a pair of briefs and a cheesy grin.

The tanned young lad looks super happy. What a gorgeous face accompanied with a surprise hanging between his legs. Jonathan Dos Santos looks absolutely gorgeous in his black waistband briefs, thank goodness he didn’t have time to put shorts on for this picture! 

Nicklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner naked walking into a calm lake in a woodland area

Nicklas Bendtner skinny dipping showing off his beautiful back muscles, his toned thighs, calves and his peachy behind.

Ooofft. Okay so I know this is meant to be footballers in underwear but, are you complaining?! Bendtner takes it all off to go for a swim in a lovely peaceful lake surrounded by woodlands. He clearly didn’t sunbathe like this. His swim shorts have left a cute little tan line making his peach stand out even more!


James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez

James Rodrigues bent over catching his breath and showing his boxers to the world. The Everton football player looks like he’s just had a challenging time on the pitch.

It’s a shame we can’t see Rodriguez' gorgeous face in this shot, but I suppose it’s either one or the other.


Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard showing underwear whilst getting tackled on the pitch

Frank Lampard mid-kick looking extremely distressed and determined to get to that ball despite the Manchester United player pulling him back by grabbing onto his shorts.

Woah. This is some next level underwear exposure on the pitch. The Manchester United player is doing us all a huge favour by tugging on Lampard’s football shorts allowing us to catch a glimpse of his package.


Shane Long

Shane Long topless shaking hands with another player

Shane Long topless tightly clenching onto his opponents’ hand as they appear to be very friendly and politely congratulated each other on a game they’ve just played. Long’s white shorts make it possible for us to make out the boxers he’s wearing beneath them.

Here we can see two gorgeous men, half naked, shaking hands after a match. Nothing like a bit pf old fashioned chivalry and it doesn’t hurt that they don’t have tops on. Shane's see through shorts are just a bonus!


Marco Reus

Marcus Reus having a medical examination showing his crotch area and underwear

Marco Reus having his leg examined by a doctor or maybe a sports therapist? Marcus is wearing super tight black boxers that outline his penis. Marco is also wearing a tight long sleeve black running top.

The guy taking a close look at Marco’s leg doesn’t have a bad job does, he?! He is about half a metre away from Marco’s crotch area – not a bad place to be!


Loris Karius

Loris Karius running on the pitch topless showing his pecs and ads

Loris Karius whipping off his shirt exposing his tattoos that go all the way down his arms and across his chest surrounding his nipples. There is also a star shaped tattoo just above his underwear waistband.

The German footballer who once was responsible for Liverpool losing the champions league final in 2018. Loris now plays for FC Union Berlin looking absolutely gorgeous may we add.


Mario Suaraz

Mario Suarez topless in bed showing his toned body

Mario Suarez sitting in a very relaxed position with a worried expression on his face. The top on his underwear is just about showing on this picture.

Hmmmm where is Suarez? Perhaps in a hotel on a Greek island… The Grecian looking lamp, wall and headrest (oh and not to mention his olive skin) suggest that he’s having some down time somewhere along the lines of Santorini.

Hope you enjoyed these stunning football stars showing a little more than perhaps they intended - here at Box Menswear we sure did!

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