Get racey and lacey in our new All Over Lace Boxers

If you are familiar with us here at Box Menswear you will know we have been pioneers of the transparent underwear game since 2015 when we dropped the  King Fit Transparent Crotch.


Embrace the Lace

Still to this day our see through variant of the ever popular boxer has proved so successful we have adapted the transparent crotch to other types of our underwear, including the sexy range of thongs and the Varsity Jock. Ever since we have been striving to please our fans and make the most "invisible" underwear possible. So with all that being said, the more transparent the better; resulting in this lovely little lace number.



We proudly introduce to you the All Over Lace Boxer. As you can see - this shows every detail of your penis but retains a solid fit keeping you comfortable with everything in place, feeling super soft against your skin all day long. We really got the ratio of sexy to wearable perfect on these ones and we couldn't be prouder, we can't wait to see you all flaunting your most desired assets in this lacy number.



The Full Monty


When shooting for our sexiest product yet we enlisted the help of one of the hottest new up and coming names in the Instagram game, Matt Luscious. The 21 year old Canadian muscle god was a perfect fit and you can see why with his chiselled physique, peachy bum and large package. The young hunk showcases all his best features in all their glory.



This one you have to try, whether it's for a hot and steamy Grindr hookup, casual date night, or if you just feel like being plain naughty in the workplace - this is the boxer you have always wanted. Who says lace is only for the ladies? These have you feeling ultra sexy knowing anyone who sees this can see all that you have to offer. Too often lace is synonymous with itching and discomfort, this is just simply not the case with our iteration as we have combined an ultra soft lace with elastane making these the most wearable and durable lace underwear on the market without sacrificing the sex appeal.


What are you waiting for?

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