Game of Thrones Ramsay Bolton Gets Naked On Screen

Iwan Rheon is a Welsh actor, singer and musician born in the town of Camarthen on the 13th of May 1985. Rheon attened Welsh school Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf where he started acting in drama productions at age 17. Within a year he was spotted by scouts at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. 

17 really was a very good year for Iwan as he was also cast in the Welsh language drama Pobol Y Cwm (basically a Welsh Coronation Street) and starred in the soap opera for a two years respectively. Although the handsome Welshman had a solid little acting career going already along with music on the side - which you can find on Spotify, it was 2009 when things started blowing up majorly for Rheon. Iwan was cast as Simon Bellamy in the BAFTA-winning E4 series Misfits, a character who let's be serious was very odd. Although the characters social deficiencies Simon had the super powers of being invisible and provided a lot of the shows humour making Iwan Rheon a very popular with the audience becoming quite the heartthrob. He also earns extra points with us for shaming his local council for not flying the LGBT flag during Welsh Pride last year.

Then it happened, the role we all know and possibly fear this man for... Ramsay Bolton. We're absolutely certain that in 2019 we don't have tell you what Game of Thrones is and how huge the HBO series is. Iwan Rheon features in the global mega hit as easily one of the most evil characters not only in the show but in television history. If this was a character was portrayed by any other man we would want him off our screens instantaneously but with someone as handsome as Rheon playing him we struggle to hold a serious grudge. 

Naturally, when a handsome man lands such big roles we are often gifted to the odd naked performance. Iwan Rheon is no different... although he is no with us in GOT in honour of the new and last ever series we are giving you the top 4 times Iwan has been naked on camera


Okay, we'll start with some of the Welshmans more obscure work, that isn't too say it isn't worth watching though as other than being a really good horror television programme but it's main attraction is definitely Rheons chiselled torso. Seriously, what is it with ripped welsh actors!? We are gifted to Rheon strutting his stuff in just a pair of boxers revealing an athletic build that had our jaws on the floor. 


 In the science fiction supernatural horror mini-series the actor plays the boyfriend of main character Jennifer who is recently dealing with paranormal events occurring after an explosion at a new years party. May sound bad enough but surely having that hunk as a boyfriend makes it all better right?


Our Girl

Most would have watched this show to thirst over former coronation street beauty Michelle Keegan, but we had a different agenda; Mr Rheon. Although very popular, in the off chance that you haven't seen the BBC drama the show follows Michelle Keegans character joining the army after deciding her career is going nowhere in the civilian world. Upon joining the army she realises that old flame Jonas 9played by Rheon) is actually in the same unit as her. We wouldn't be complaining!


The Rise

 The Rise is a 2012 British Crime Thriller about a lad who leaves prison and plans to rob a bank, the real thriller is really Rheon topless though. Those abs, those shoulders and that thick hair you just want to touch- or grab. In the film Iwan Rheon plays hard man Dempsey and we can't get enough of the chiseldd hunk playing a proper lads-lad.



Game Of Thrones


Now the big one, the one where we all fell in love with and simultaneously hated this man. Iwan Rheon portrays the evil character of Ramsay Bolton, the bastard son Roose Bolton who's sole intent is to capture and become king of the North. Ramsay manages to kill, torture and abuse all those who get in the way eventually killing his own father, step mother and step brother in order to not be dethroned. You'd be very hard pressed to find such a despicable character throughout the history of television... but we absolutely love him?

The best thing about such a hot star as Rheon being in Game Of Thrones is that it means he get's naked, which he does, and we loved every second we were blessed with. During a passionate sex scene with his lover Myranda,  we are treated to that athletic body that we have seen before but this time we get his peachy rear too. Even if you have no interest in GOT whatsoever it's one hundred-percent worth it just for this scene where we get to observe the chiseled welsh adonis in all his glory. 


So if you have a couple of hours free and particularly missing the Welshmans' handsome face and athletic body whilst watching the latest series of Game Of Thrones get these on and enjoy all of what Iwan Rheon has to offer!




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