Harry Styles is Bisexual in New Role - Dress As Policeman

Harry Styles is to play an openly bi-sexual man in new film. 

Exciting news that Harry Styles is set to return to the silver screen, playing the part of Tom Burgess in a film adaptation of the 2012 gay novel, My Policeman.

Harry Styles dressed as policeman

Harry Styles police officer uniform my Policeman filming

4th May 2021. Harry Styles in period British policeman dress stood opposite David Dawson filming for new film My Policeman. Wearing a blue police officers uniform and black boots, complete with a traditional custodian hat or helmet as worn by British Bobbies on the Beat to this day. Images Neil Mockford / Getty. 


The fictional piece set in 1957 is said to have already begun filming in the UK, starring former One Direction song-man Harry, alongside co-stars Emma Corrin and David Dawson who you might recognise from Luther. 

The piece is being directed by notable thespian Michael Grandage. 

Pictures of Harry Styles Filming my Policeman

We managed to get hold of these images of Harry on set in what appears to be Brighton on England's South Coast. 

Harry Styles short shorts my policeman filming

Nice plimsoles. Sporting a knitwear waistcoat and windswept hair, Harry Styles walks precariously along an uneven surface with his bare toned legs on full display. Image taken on 7th May 2021. 

Filming scenes along the pebble beach and dressed in appropriate period costume Harry walks alone as well as touching a male actor. It's unclear if the guy Harry is walking with is David Dawson, if it is, he's certainly had a haircut. 

Harry Styles playing gay character in My Policeman filming

7th May 2021. Image above shows Harry Styles and possibly actor David Dawson walking together on a stone beach in East Sussex. The pair are dressed in short shorts. Harry is seen wearing turquoise blue shorts, a white shirt and grey overcoat. Image credit: Getty / Mega. 

Will Harry Styles Have Sex?

The film which has yet to have a release date is said to feature two separate sex scenes, and Harry is said to be featuring in at both of them. Sources have said that Styles, 27 is keen for the scenes to look as real as possible. 

Further, it has been reported in British tabloids that at least one of the scenes will feature Harry Styles naked. 

Is it Queer Baiting?

Wikipedia defines Queer Baiting or Gay Baiting (not bait bus!) as a marketing technique used by entertainers to hint at but not explicitly state same sex romance or another strong LGTBQ+ connection. 

Harry Styles Hair Clips

5th May 2020 in the English city of Brighton, a smartly dressed Harry Styles seen wearing a face mask. Also wearing pink and blue hair clips, which he presumably removes before recommencing filming. Image Neil Mockford / GC Images. 

So, in reference to the above, some people could see it as queer baiting by casting Harry in a lead gay role, as Harry has never explicitly confirmed any gay or bisexuality on his part. 

Harry Styles walking My Policeman filming set


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