Henry Cavill's super bulge

henry cavill bulge

Oof, super giant bulge for a bit strapping lad like Cavill


Well look at what we have here! Actor Henry Cavill’s bulge is bigger than the planet Krypton! Ok maybe not but the 6 foot 1 Brit clearly is from some good stock with some massive man meat to match his stature! He’s something of a joker in real life apparently which we are always here for and at 38 he has suspiciously not been linked with any one girl in particular or had any kids!


Henry Cavill in vest black and white

Black and white and beardy - Cavill serving hot bear 

(Pic - Instagram)


Cavill is, of course, best known for playing Superman in the DC Extended Universe of movie. Not quite as wildly successful as the Marvel movies due to somewhat patchy quality. Starting off in the role of Superman in the huge Man of Steel which was a roaring success, he has the perfect mix of bulk, humour and a kind face to play Clark Kent, the bumbling journalist with a secret.


 Henry Cavill in blue vest muscles

Henry stands shoulder to shoulder with his waxwork - and looking even fitter 

(Pic - Instagram)


Henry is also a bit of a gamer, loving him some World of Warcraft shiz which he freely has admitted in interviews. That could be why he chose to star in The Witcher for Netflix which is based on the fantasy game series. With his long white hair and rippling muscles, he makes even a slightly shoddy series like that eminently watchable.


Henry Cavill lifting top abs

 It's hard when you bring the office home. Henry shows us his injuries (Pic - Instagram)


So, what’s coming up for our big bulging beast? Well, not only has he already filmed the second season of The Witcher, he has just been filming the sequel to popular Netflix movie Enola Holmes, which stars Stranger Things’  Millie Bobby Brown as the titular character and Henry Cavill as none other than Sherlock Holmes himself. We’d defo have been more into our Holmes if Henry had always played the legendary detective!

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