Hollywood’s Hottest Bulges

It’s no secret that Hollywood has some of the hottest men around, it’s the only reason we watch movies, obviously! Box Menswear have hunted down our fave picks of bulges from in and around the Hollywood hills and here they are...

Zac Efron

This hunk first appeared in the limelight in High School Musical back in 2006 and yes, we may have been a little younger then, but we still had good taste. Ever since Zac appeared on the Disney Channel we have watched him blossom into a strong and rather ‘big’ man.

zac efron bulge

You see what we mean?😲

Jon Hamm

This Mad Men star is certainly not shy to show off his package, he is almost known for his package and we can certainly see why.

jon hamm bulge

We think we will start watching Mad Men now and again and again.😉

 Jake Gyllenhaal

Brokeback Mountain star Jake is one actor that’s hard not to notice. With his deep blue eyes and a million-dollar smile, this 6’0 tall celebrity is definitely packing a bulge we all envy.

jake gyllenhaal bulge

Oh we would love to get him in a pair of BOX briefs for a photoshoot.

Alex Pettyfer

No wonder Alex was cast for Magic Mike with his package. He’s got the looks and the package that give the wow factor.

Mike Pettifer Bulge

Ok, now we are blushing.😳

Jaime Doran

Its no secret why Jaime was cast for 50 Shade Of Grey, his great acting skills of course 👀 Here he sizzles in a Calvin Klein mens boxer short photoshoot. 

Jamie 50 Shades Bulge

We wouldn't mind getting this Irish star in a pair of BOX Boxer shorts, who else agrees?

Nick Jonas

Recently engaged Nick packs a rather big bulge, no wonder his fiancee to be said yes!! We would too! Starting out in a band with his brothers as a young boy, we have watched this star grow into his own right as a successful man. No wonder he is one of Hollywoods hottest right now..

Nick Jonas Boxer Shorts

Posing above in a pair of mens grey boxer shorts, we cant help but imagine him in a pair of Box Menswear trunks.🤔

Who is your fave out of our top picks?


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