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angelo sato topless

Angelo is quite the dish we have to say, served hot or cold


It’s not often that we sit and watch a cooking show and think ‘mmm this guy is a hottie’, especially on the BBC. That’s exactly what has happened of late however as a smorgasbord of young chefs have been parading to the kitchen on the BBC's Great British Menu, which has had something of an image overhaul.


Hot stuff!


Gone are the frowsty old white men judges and in comes Michelin starred chef Tom Kerridge (ok not exactly young but better than before), restaurateur and TV presenter Nisha Katona (who runs the Mowgli restaurant chain) and, having appeared a guest judge last year, comic Ed Gamble who is the co-host of the Off-Menu podcast and actually pretty hot when he cheekily wears a short-sleeved t-shirt showing off his biceps and tattoos.


Angelo Sato in chef whites red bandana

See, Angelo does wear clothes, especially on the BBC!


It’s not just the judges panel that’s had a revamp however, which brings us to the chefs. Some old faces crop up of course but it’s the new young chefs that have caught our collective eye, one in particular actually and you can see from these pics just why.



There’s something super sexy about a chef with big biceps bulging out of his chef’s whites and no more so than 29-year-old Angelo Sato. Born in Japan, the chef appears in the South East week and although he didn’t make it to the judges room, he certainly made a name for himself.


Spicy Japanese


Angelo started working in professional kitchens aged 15 and then he moved to London when he was 17. He has since worked in some of the world's finest restaurants from three Michelin-starred RyuGin and two-starred NARISAWA in Tokyo to Daniel Humm's three Michelin-starred New York restaurant as well as  three Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. Let’s hope he wasn’t on the receiving end of Mr Ramsay’s legendary moods.


Angelo Sato topless undone jeans

Oops they fell off again and this time his trouser have undone themselves



Angelo was the head chef at Tom Sellers' (now two, then one Michelin-starred) Restaurant Story before opening his own restaurant in London’s Soho last year.


Called the Humble Chicken, Angelo has dialled back his classical European influences and returned to his Japanese roots, serving refined and authentic Tokyo-style Yakitori. The restaurant has been widely praised, and received rave reviews from critics Jay Rayner and Giles Coren. Frankly if Sato is in the kitchen, we would eat any old slop he put his big manly hands to!

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