Hot policeman removes protestor

hot policeman removes protestor

Protect and service - policemen get hot and heavy handed with protestor 


All of a sudden we're feeling like we need to save the planet. With climate change the single biggest threat to mankind, it seems we’re in a constant battle between what governments say they are going to do and what they actually do. The constant back and forth between the various developed nations has resulted in climate change protestors going to ever greater lengths to disrupt society in order to make the point that the earth is in dire straits.


british policeman

Hello Mr Officer - it's essential to listen to the word of the law


This is especially true in the UK right now with both Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain clogging up the streets with various protests or even supergluing themselves to various motorways and roads. Looking at the hot policeman in this pic though, we are starting to see their point of view. Are we saying the hotness of uniformed enforcement officer is comparable to ever hotness of the planet’s atmosphere? No of course not but sometimes you just gotta look on the bright side of a bad situation.


Climate emergency


Last week Prince Charles waded into the debate and as someone who has been speaking about the importance of climate change for decades "Of course I do, yes. All these young people feel nothing is ever happening so of course they're going to get frustrated. I totally understand because nobody would listen and they see their future being totally destroyed."


High vis and hot men, its the Met Police!


The heir to the throne went on speaking about the debilitating actions of Extinction Rebellion, saying: "But it isn't helpful, I don't think, to do it in a way that alienates people. So I totally understand the frustration, the difficulty is how do you direct that frustration in a way that is more constructive


In two weeks time, Glasgow will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference which sees 25,000 people descend on the Scottish city to decide just what to do about the worsening crisis. We know there will be plenty of protestors as well policemen and security, we just hope they match up to these sexy cops. We’d defo do as we were told if they were brandishing their truncheons.

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