How to STOP Sweaty Armpits, 3 Tricks you need!

Right so, it's pretty much universally agreed that wet / sweat patches under your arm pits suck.

To some people they'd even go so far as to say that sweat patches are mortally embarrassing, for others they're a confidence killers and can also be wrongly assumed to be a indicator of poor personal hygiene!

What are we supposed to do about those unsightly wet rings then?

Sweat patches are inevitable, right? Wrong!  


Sweat Patches Ring Shirt 

Gents (and ladies), there's a few guys here at Box Menswear who suffer with leaky armpits, so if it's a warm day, or a fight over the air conditioning (the second happens a lot) then a quick glance around will show some serious sweat patches.

So, in an effort to try an shine a light on some possible solutions, we searched the net, and Youtube turned up one of our favourite bloggers, Aaron Marino. Aaron's Youtube channel called Alpha M is a great little resource full of bucket loads of reviews and hacks of every day issues, and in this particular video, Aaron tackles sweat patches or rings as our Stateside friends like to call them. 

So below, here's what Aaron discovered in his effort to stop sweat patches / rings. 

Aaron introduces: "I have spent the last three months researching, testing, trying, experimenting, testing, trying, sweating, trying to find a solution to the style disfiguring situation that is the sweat ring. Well gentlemen, good news. The results are in and I have found three. Count them one, count them two, count them three simple ways to stop the sweat and eliminate sweat rings once and for all."

Ok mate, so far so good, do tell. 

"Today, we're given perspiration of power pack punch to the throat. Each solution is going to increase ineffectiveness. The first line of defence is to wear a high-quality undershirt Alright?

"So, true story. I wasn't always a humongous fan of the undershirt. But in the past, I'd say two years, I've actually gotten to where I wear them almost on a daily basis.

Alright, and the big deal before was I was like, oh, you can see them, and it totally ruins them. Well, check it out. If you get a high-quality v neck undershirt, you absolutely can't even tell that you're wearing it.

Sweat undershirt t shirt

For those of you who are worried that you're going to see the undershirt and it's going to totally kill the whole look of you wanting to show a little bit of chest cleavage, you can still satisfy your desire to show the cleavage but also keep your pits free from sweat. It's also keeping your nipple game and check. Now I did a video a few months ago talking about the undershirt how to rock one, a tip for wearing one."

Don't shriek at the fact it's a V neck guys, it's invisible Aaron says. V-necks for the time being remain out, anyway, go on Mr. Murino:

"My favorite undershirt hands down got to be Ripped Tees. I've talked about them before, but they have come out with a new Deep V, it's called the EVO tensile. This new crazy soft spanned XE soft luxury. It feels like you're it feels sexy. And when you put it on and it goes against your skin, you're like, wow, this feels incredible.

"Ever since I got introduced the red tees about two years ago, I've been rocking them because like I said, it keeps my clothes fresher. It also helps me eliminate the underarm sweat rings. If you guys want to check out the video I did, showing you how to rock and undershirt. It's listed in the link down in the description. If you want to check out this undershirt that I'm wearing. It also comes in white.

They are the rockstars of regular undershirts. Now, the regular undershirt is great for somebody who is a mild to I would say moderate sweater."

Ok so there's loads of under tea shirts on the market, if you don't want to spend a lot, we are Box just go to the British brand Primark (sorry those elsewhere in the world you're missing out!)

Aaron goes on to say that if you more than just mildly sweat, you need to consider an upgrade and he thinks..."

You got to try a Thompson tees. I first heard about this on the TV show 'The Doctors' but it's been featured in every magazine including the Wall Street Journal. The reason is because it is a patented undershirt, it actually has a pad that prevents the sweat from actually getting through its antimicrobial and its machine washable.

"This pad is actually shown into the undershirt. It's a part of it, it's machine washable, you throw it in, you dry it is going to stop not like kinda stop, I'm talking totally stop. The sweat from getting out because it's got like layered technology. I don't understand the technology behind this undershirt, all I know is that I've tried it for about a week and it rocks so hard. It is ridiculous. They come in different colours. 

Ok, so say you're just really not into wearing another top under your shirt or t-shirt, what is there for you?

"For those of you suffering from hyperhidrosis aka excessive sweating and now I'm going to tell you about a product that I found that is like perspiration kryptonite it's called Sweat Block. This any perspirant block sweat for up to seven days per application. I found sweat block on Amazon

Alright, at night what do you do? You wash you clean your armpits and you wipe it on. You let it air dry for five minutes. Do the other side for five minutes just to relax, watch TV, do whatever you need to do, then go to bed and then

Sweatblock sweat black driclor review

For up to seven days you're not going to perspire like as in a single drop.

Really? That's impressive. If Sweat Block isn't available in your country, or you don't like the reviews / side effects etc, another good one that we are Box Menswear found is called Driclor, we've tried it and it works really good, that's a 100% genuine opinion. 

Back to Aaron's video review talking about Sweat Block still:

"Now some people this will last for four days, some people five days but the bottom line is that you don't need to use it every single day and this box you get like an eight weeks supply. This stuff is incredible. I don't know how it works but apparently, it does it has been and getting amazing reviews and results from dudes who have problems with hyperhidrosis as well. Fact sweat brings suck, fact sweat rings are a confidence killer, a fact now you have three super simple solid ways of eliminating this." 

Thanks Aaron mate, we've embedded the full video below if you fancy watching it. 

Just a note about sweat patches and sweat rings on underwear too, if you really do sweat and are conscious about it, try wearing black or white underwear only, are sweat shows up much less, especially on black. 

The main colour to avoid is anything pastel and especially grey, because any moisture shows up like a lighthouse. 

Just a note to say any advice given here is either the opinion of Box Menswear and or Aaron Marino, it's certainly not medical advice. Have a look at all the links we've included and make up your own mind. 

Video from Aaron is below, enjoy. 


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